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Business Of Beer

Craft Beer an effective but unexpected ambassador for US Foreign Service

American craft beer was born with an anti-establishment pedigree. Battling against well-established national brands of gargantuan scale, early U.S. craft brewers often portrayed themselves as upstarts, rebels, or the smaller guy  Continue Reading…

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Events & Festivals Metro Vancouver

Three Most Popular Booths at the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival

It’s hard to say who really “won” the festival at Vancouver Craft Beer Week—other than the people who ate and drank themselves silly at the two-day affair on Saturday and Sunday,  Continue Reading…

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BC Craft Beer News

JAK’s liquor chain to donate portion of this Saturday’s sales to food banks

One of BC’s most prominent liquor stores is doing some good this weekend. JAK’s Beer Wine & Spirits will be donating 10% of sales from all 14 of its locations on  Continue Reading…

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BC Craft Beer News Politics & Advocacy

Veteran-owned brewing company aims to ‘leave no one behind’

Graeme Hafey is the owner of V2V Black Hops Brewing, a veteran-run, non-profit with a mission to support PTSD and therapy programs for military and first responder veterans.

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BC Craft Beer News BC Craft Cider Columnists & Editorials

Craft cider renaissance driven by ‘artisans’ who escaped the knowledge economy

In her dissertation, researcher Anelyse Weiler says Canada’s craft cider industry could save small apple orchards and attract new farmers from urban areas.

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Politics & Advocacy

Restrictions on alcohol in sugary drinks take effect across Canada

New regulations restricting the amount of alcohol allowed in potent, sugary, premixed drinks take effect Thursday across Canada.

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Business Of Beer Politics & Advocacy

7 Times Big Beer Was Sued for Misleading the Public

Beer companies are good at marketing their products in ways that touch people’s hearts.

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Business Of Beer Politics & Advocacy

Brewers Association Supports Independent Bloggers and Writers with new seal

Recently, the U.S. Brewers Association launched a new facet of their Independent Craft Seal initiative: the ability for advocates of craft beer (including magazines and websites like this one) to  Continue Reading…

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Business Of Beer Vancouver Island

HarbourCats, Red Arrow hit a home run with new beer options

Red Arrow and the HarbourCats have entered into a multi-year agreement for Red Arrow to be the primary beer provider at Wilson’s Group Stadium.

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Industry Resources

Coca-Cola gets a premium makeover for new range

Coca-Cola launches a new series of ‘Signature Mixers’ aimed at the premium spirits market.

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Rustic Reel Brewing’s Susi Foerg profiled in Kelowna Now

A few years ago I visited Persephone Brewing on the Sunshine Coast and loved how inviting, casual, and unpretentious it was; it felt like a big family, with kids and dogs playing on the grass… I wanted to create that kind of place here.

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Monks launch legal fight to protect water purity of Trappist beer

As keepers of one of only 14 abbeys in the world producing Trappist beer, the monks of Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy, in Rochefort, are dogged defenders of the purity of the  Continue Reading…

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