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Craft Brewers Are Reinventing Ancient Rauchbiers With Modern, Smoky Styles


A short walk from the Linker Regnitz riverfront, on a well-maintained brick alleyway in Bamberg, Germany, lies the Schlenkerla pub, a beer icon since 1405. Over the course of more than five centuries, the brewpub has crafted marzen, weizen, Helles, and even schnapps, but the breadwinner is Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier, a smoky German-style lager. Its smoked-malt base is the standard by which other rauchbiers are measured.

American breweries are now introducing their own smoked beers — many in homage to the legendary Aecht Schlenkerla. Brewers are using smoked malts to challenge consumers’ preconceptions, honor ancient brewing history, and elevate and evolve their craft.

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