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BC Craft Beer Blogs

British Columbia has a ton of great craft beer blogs. Some appear today and disappear tomorrow, others stick around and build a strong influence on craft beer in British Columbia. The BC craft beer blogs listed below are done so in order of when they were founded. The monthly visitor stats are voluntary and self reported by the blog’s owner. Blogs that are listed are expected to maintain a minimum average of one post per month or they may be removed.


What’s Brewing BC

What's Brewing MagazineURL: whatsbrewing.ca
Founded: Sept. 2009 (online)
Post Frequency: Weekly
Monthly Visitors: unknown
Description: Not only a blog, but also a magazine about the craft beer movement in British Columbia. Celebrating 25 years, we’re BC’s Original Craft Beer Journal, since before it was called Craft Beer.

Originating as the newsletter for BC’s pre-eminent craft beer enthusiasts’ organization, What’s Brewing went digital in 2009 then evolved in 2015 into an online presence with an expanding array of features:
– magazine articles and archive
– events calendar
– email newsletter
– comprehensive directory and more


Barley Mowat

Barley MowatURL: barleymowat.com
Founded: October, 2010
Post Frequency: 2-4 times per month
Monthly Visitors: 15,000
Description: Beer, focusing on the Vancouver beer/brewery scene. Occasional dalliances into liquor reform and politics. Frequent ranting.



Hops Canary

Hops CanaryURL: hopscanary.com
Founded: December, 2011
Post Frequency: 1-2 times per month
Monthly Visitors: 1000
Description: Travelling for beer is the main focus, with miscellaneous ramblings about other beer topics that pique my interest.



Victoria Beers

Victoria BeersURL: victoriabeers.com
Founded: March, 2012
Post Frequency: Weekly
Monthly Visitors: 3250
Description: VictoriaBeers is a one stop shop for all things craft beer in Victoria. We have a photo archive of every beer ever brewed, bottled and sold in Victoria, a growler page with all of the growler stations being updated by the breweries and professional photography of local craft beer events.



Mike’s Craft Beer

URL: mikescraftbeer.com

Mike's Craft Beer BlogFounded:
June, 2012
Post Frequency: Daily
Monthly Visitors: 4100
Description: Mike’s Craft Beer strives to review the latest Local BC, Canadian and International craft beer. We also attend as many beer events as possible to share with the readership what is happening in the local beer community. Our goal is to help inform people about quality craft beer and hopefully inspire new people to try it!



Beer Birds

Beer Birds BlogURL: beerbirds.com
Founded: January, 2013
Post Frequency: Weekly
Monthly Visitors: 270
Description: Simply put it’s about women AND beer. The beer industry is a male dominated one- we know that. At Beer Birds we’re trying to change that by converting one female to craft beer at a time…Whether they’re brand new and “think” they don’t like beer or someone who knows their way around the scene, we aim to get to know all of them.

The Beer Rater

The Beer RaterURL: thebeerrater.com
Founded: January 2014
Post Frequency: Monthly
Monthly Visitors: 2100
Description: Thebeerrater.com explores Craft Beer from the point of view of the “regular dude”. This is a blog for the any man, the every man and the beer fan alike. It is a beer guide without all the fluff, just some straight forward drinking advise. I cover events, Brewery visits, Craft Beer news and of course casual to serious Beering (yes beer can be a verb).



West Coast Beer Geek

West Coast Beer GeekURL: westcoastbeergeek.com
Founded: October, 2014
Post Frequency: 3-4 times per week
Monthly Visitors: 2500
Description: My blog is dedicated towards exploring craft beer, events, beer and food pairings and exploring the subtler nuances and amazing flavours that occur on this journey.



Craft Beer Vancouver

Craft Beer VancouverURL: craftbeervancouver.ca
Founded: November, 2014
Post Frequency: Weekly
Monthly Visitors: unknown
Description: Craft Beer Vancouver is about promoting the local beer scene in Vancouver & BC. I’m interested in trends, culture, what goes into making a brewery a success, and what makes people want to drink the beer.



BREWard Inlet

Breward Inlet Beer BlogURL: brewardinlet.com

Founded: November, 2014
Post Frequency: Weekly
Monthly Visitors: 500
Description: A blog focusing on the Tri-City Area of Vancouver known as #BREWardInlet but also concerning Vancouver, BC, Cascadia and the world. Looking not only at beer but also the social, political, and historical context surrounding the glorious drink. (Formerly Carnell’s Beer)


The Growler

The GrowlerURL: thegrowler.ca
Founded: Jan. 2015
Post Frequency: 2-4 times per week
Monthly Visitors: 3000-5000
Description: The Growler is B.C.’s guide to craft beer. We cover all aspects of the craft beer scene from emerging trends and styles to insights on the industry itself. We aim to educate and entertain, to demystify beer and make it accessible for everyone. Our print edition is available quarterly at breweries and newsstands across the province.




Ale Sessions BlogURL: alesessions.wordpress.com
Founded: June, 2015
Post Frequency: Weekly
Monthly Visitors: 500
Description: Focused on the craft beer & craft spirits movement. Primarily focused on the BC and Vancouver beer scene, but occasionally writing about beer and spirit travel destinations. Brewery tours, beer reviews, interviews and events.



Canadian Craft Beer Tours

Canadian Craft Beer Tours BlogURL: canadiancrafttours.ca
Founded: December, 2015
Post Frequency: Weekly
Monthly Visitors: 2,000
Description: Here at Canadian Craft Tours we write a beer blog about 2+ times per week. We cover beers all over the province. We also cover breweries.

Raincoast Brews

Raincoast Brews - BC Beer BlogURL: raincoastbrews.com
Founded: May, 2016
Post Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Monthly Visitors: 265
Description: Provides an intro to craft beer in BC for the novice beer drinker. Although I have just started I plan to have all events in BC covered by a photographer and to focus mainly on island breweries. Raincoast brews will soon have contributors in all aspects of the craft beverage industry in BC from home brew to the life of a rep. Part of my main focus will be women in the industry. Exciting things ahead!


Matter Of Beer

Matter of Beer BlogURL: matterofbeer.com
Founded: November, 2016
Post Frequency: 3-4 time per week
Monthly Visitors: Unknown
Description: Based in Victoria, you’ll see stories about ways to enjoy your beer even more than you do now, upcoming events, services I offer to the beer service industry, and more. I also tend to offer a more outside view of the industry, instead of the insider’s perspective.


Sea To Sky Beer Guy

seatoskybeerguyURL: seatoskybeerguy.com
Founded: May 2017
Post Frequency: 1-2 time per week
Monthly Visitors: Unknown
Description: The tagline says, “One Man’s Tales of BC’s Ales” but as I plan to write about other styles than just ‘Ale’ and other regions than just BC, I guess you could say I’m more into aesthetics and rhyming than facts. But I’ll probably throw some of those in with the brew, too! If you had to distill my swill into it’s basest elements I guess you could say, “Beer Stories”.




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