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Usage of Photos from Guidelines

Photos posted on use a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license. What this means is that you are welcome to use the photos posted here for non-commercial use but you may not alter them in any way. You must also give reference and link back to wherever the image is used. Books, magazines, newspapers and television are considered commercial use and must contact to request use of any photos.

This usage policy includes all photos whether the be product, event, brewery or any other photo taken and posted by

If you have questions about using photos from please do not hesitate in contacting us for clarification.





Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Use

Q. I am a brewery, can I use your photos on my website?

A. You may use photos from with reference to stories and news linking back to You may not use images to advertise or sell your product. If you would like to use it in this fashion please contact


Q. I am a blogger, can I use your photos on my blog?

A. Yes you may, as long as you credit and link back to If you are being paid for your blog posts by anyone (sponsored posts),  this is considered commercial use and can not be done. If you would like to use photography in this fashion please contact


Q. I am a newspaper or magazine, can I print your photos?

A. If you would like to use photos from for a commercial publication please contact us to find the appropriate cost associated with the photos. This rate will depend on size, scope and nature of publication.





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