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Three Most Popular Booths at the Vancouver Craft Beer Week Festival

It’s hard to say who really “won” the festival at Vancouver Craft Beer Week—other than the people who ate and drank themselves silly at the two-day affair on Saturday and Sunday, we suppose.

So while I’d love to wax on about Luppolo Brewing’s tart wild ale, or the Beere/Brassneck Party Platter collab (a big, flavourful double dry-hopped IPA), these events are best judged by the will of the many.

And what really moves the needle at these kind of events? That should be obvious. It’s LINES. We all hate them, but there’s something attractive to a massive line at a festival like this. What do these people know that we don’t?

After all, with more than 100 different options for drinks and over 15 food options, it’s not easy to make people wait extremely long for one product.

Here were the three stands at the festival that commanded massive, unrelenting lines of people.

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