Beer Me BC Methodology

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Beer Me BC is intended for users that are of legal drinking age. If you are under the age where drinking is legal in your area please do not visit Beer contains alcohol and should not be combined with driving a vehicle. Beer Me BC does not endorse the excessive consumption of alcohol, please use discretion when consuming beer or any other type of alcoholic beverage.

Beer is brewed to be enjoyed and is targeted at the awareness of BC Craft Beer. Taste is subjective and everyone may not agree with the scores or comments made about the beer. If you agree or disagree with any beer review please make your opinion heard. Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of any post. Your opinion should be heard and if there is a large majority that disagrees with any post an effort will be made to re-evaluate the given score.

Beer reviews are based on several factors in being scored. These are  Aroma, Appearance, Taste and Palate. Bias is an inevitable part of the review process and while it is attempted to be kept separate there are aspects of personal preference that may skew scoring.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate in contacting us at moc.liamgobfsctd@cbemreeb

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