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Andina Brewing – Cocolat Toasted Coconut Chocolate Stout

Since Head Brewer Ben Greenberg joined #YeastVan’s Andina Brewing in mid-2018, there has been a noticeable uptick in the appeal and quality of the big yellow brewery’s beers. It is

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Lighthouse Brewing – Keepers Stout

On St. Patricks Day, the popular beer of choice is either a green tinted lager ( and really, why would you ever do that to good beer!) or an Irish

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Field House Brewing – Oldhand Flat White Oatmeal Stout

Silky smooth, with a rich, decadent mouthfeel. That’s not marketing copy; that’s the legitimate impression this beer leaves on the stout lover. In fact, those that don’t think they like

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Fernie Brewing – Java The Hut Coffee Milk Stout

Fernie’s Java the Hut debuted in 2015, and became a seasonal staple. It’s a coffee stout with a twist: lactose added to create a ‘Coffee Milk Stout’. Is it a double-double

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Russell Brewing Oatmeal Stout

Winter time is the perfect time to enjoy stouts of all kinds, so I always grab a few to satisfy that crave. What attracted me to the Russell oatmeal stout

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Twa Dogs Chili Chocolate Milk Stout

Lovers of rich beers with strong flavour should take note of the Twa Dogs Chili Chocolate Milk Stout from Victoria Caledonian brewery (in, yes, Victoria). On the nose, it’s just as advertised:

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Trading Post x Full Barrel – Sessionable Russian Imperial Stout

Langley’s Full Barrel Brew Club etched their name in BC Brewing history when they became the first, and to date the only, amateur winner of the Tri-Cities Cask Festival Society’s

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Andina Brewing Co. – Milk Stout

Andina Brewing entered the BC brewing scene in 2017 and has since added some South American flair to the industry with their antics. As a winter seasonal offering, the Andina

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Beer Reviews Vancouver Island

Longwood Brewery – Beetnik Root Stout

Longwood Brewery – Beetnik Root Stout Review Sometimes brewers have ideas that seem rather peculiar but still somehow end up working out. This appears to be one such beer. Brewed

Beer Reviews Top BC Beers

Saltspring Island Ales – Creme Brulee Vanilla Stout

Saltspring Island Ales – Creme Brulee Vanilla Stout Review Saltspring Island Ales has brewed a flavoured stout made with organic vanilla beans to give a creme brulee style beer experience.