Tin Whistle Brewing : One Piece Wonder Hazelnut Flat White Stout


Tin Whistle Brewing : One Piece Wonder Hazelnut Flat White Stout Review

With Tin Whistle Brewing in its 26th year, there is nothing stagnant about this brewery. It has been a year since Lorraine Nagy and her son sold the business to husband and wife Alexis Esseltine and Tim Scoon, who quickly turned Tin Whistle into a carbon-neutral brewery.

The beers that are iconic to the Tin Whistle brand are not gone, and the brewery or the brewer have not moved, but everything else has changed. The brewery has been rebranded, from the logo, website, to the beer labels with bright vibrant colours in folk-art style. Aside from a few bottled products for the government liquor stores, the beer is now in the tall can format. And the newest change is the purchase of a pilot batch (Very small batch) system for brewer Matt Farmer, so now he can play!

The Hazelnut Flat White stout “One Piece Wonder” is one of the recent brews from the system, and it was such a hit that a larger batch was made and canned. While the name of the beer or the description doesn’t really tell you what the beer is unless you are a coffee lover, this beer is not “flat”, or a “White” stout. The term “flat white” is used to describe a coffee that has less foam and more milk with a double shot of espresso.

This lightly carbonated ale pours a rich dark brown, almost black colour with a dense tan coloured head that slowly dissipates. The coffee aroma is hard to miss, so you better be a coffee lover! But, like a perfectly made hazelnut flat white drink, the addition of lactose and hazelnut keep the coffee bitterness low and provide a creamy mouthfeel with a cookie-like sweetness. This would make for a great breakfast beer or even better after a meal as a dessert with some hazelnut wafer cookies :-)



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