Trench Brewing- Six Mile Stout


Trench Brewing- Six Mile Stout Review

If you travel north from the Canada-US border on Highway 97 you will experience drastic changes in geography, climate and culture. Long after you have left the mild climate of the Okanagan behind, you will enter what’s called “The North”. This is where Highway 97 really stretches it legs and it begins to feel like the highway will never end. If you survive the deadly snowstorms, bears, cougars and random, roaming disgruntled loggers, your efforts will eventually pay off with a visit to one of the finest taprooms in all of Northern BC, Prince George’s Trench Brewing.

One beer to try while there is the Six Mile Stout, which pours an intensely dark ruby red, verging on black. It has a moderate tan head that lingers well with little lace. The aroma is dark roast coffee and dark berries with hints of roasted nuts and vanilla bean. The body is medium with low carbonation. Mouthfeel is coating and excellent. The flavour is black malt forward yet approachable and not overly sweet. There is a fairly intense roastiness and accompanying bitterness with notes of espresso, molasses, and dark chocolate. There is a likable hint of cigar ash. Six Mile Stout finishes very long where the espresso and smoky bitterness interplay.

  • (3.75)
  • (3.75)
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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Black
  • Head Size & Retention: Normal head + retention
  • Carbonation: Mild Carbonation
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Balance: More Malty
  • Drinkability: Definitely Drinkable
  • Enjoyment: I would definitely seek this beer out again
  • Malt Characteristics: Rich/Sweet, Coffee or Chocolate, Toasty/Roasty
  • Palate: Full Bodied


The higher attenuation and lower body make this very bold, bitter and roasty stout nicely drinkable. Drink it in Trench’s beautiful tasting room.

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