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Trench Brewing- The Fang IPA

You might never have been to the Fang Caves, though you might be inspired to after drinking the beer that is named after it. Prince George’s Trench Brewing, following their  Continue Reading…

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Slackwater What the Fog?!

Bursting on to the local scene at the 24th Annual Okanagan Fest of Ale, Penticton’s newest brewery, Slackwater Brewing debuted a range of beers that wowed those present at the  Continue Reading…

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Red Racer & Port Rexton “Across The Nation”-Skerwink Haze

In 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday Gary Lohin, head brewer and co-owner of Central City Brewery & Distillery decided to create a very special collaboration 12 pack. He chose  Continue Reading…

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Boombox Brewing – Synth Wave DIPA

With Boombox brewing out of Parallel 49 these days, they have had the opportunity to brew in larger amounts and bring back some of their “one hit wonders” that sold  Continue Reading…

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Parallel 49 Brewing: Trash Panda IPA

A nice take on the NE style IPA. Not as fruity as some NE IPAs but it’s well balanced and very approachable. 5.5% and sold in 355ml cans. Being a  Continue Reading…

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