Red Racer & Port Rexton “Across The Nation”-Skerwink Haze


Red Racer & Port Rexton “Across The Nation”-Skerwink Haze Review

In 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday Gary Lohin, head brewer and co-owner of Central City Brewery & Distillery decided to create a very special collaboration 12 pack. He chose one brewery from each province that had either expressed interest in brewing with him, or a brewery he wanted to brew with. And what a great beer way to celebrate Canada’s birthday! The collaboration was such a huge success that now the “Across the Nation” collaboration pack has become a yearly tradition.

While there are twelve great and unique beers and styles to choose from the latest edition, the one reviewed here was not chosen for its style , but for the brewery; Port Rexton in Newfoundland!  Why choose a brewery located in a town with a population of 340 in Newfoundland? Because of the owner and the head brewer! Port Rexton was openned in 2016 with two women that have won awards outside of the brewing industry. Both Sonja Mills ( a one time lawyer) and Alicia MacDonald (a one time nurse and homebrewer) have not only created a brewery with the bulk of their staff being female but have also won the Trail Blazer award in 2017 and the Canadian Women Enterpreners to Watch in 2018. They are doing so well with the brewery that expansions are in the works!

Gary Lohin hand picked this brewery because of all the good things he had heard about these two ladies, and the Port Rexton team came out in the Spring to brew at Central City. Neither of the breweries had brewed a NE style IPA or worked with the popular Kviek yeast, so a decision was made blend the two and augment with the tropical aromas and flavours of Galaxy, Vic Secret and Belma hops.

This juicy and hazy ale pours a deep straw colour with light carbonation and a thin head. The aroma is tropical stone fruit;mango, pineapple, citrus and with the first mouthfeel you get a hint of a light bitterness from the hops- but not too bitter. This is a nicely balanced beer with a blend of fruit esters and sweetness with a slightly dry yet creamy and silky finish.

What a great way to celebrate Canada Day!


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