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Camp Beer – The Forager Bumbleberry Sour

Langley’s Camp Beer Co. opened its doors just before Christmas, but it’s a story that has been years in the making. Evolved from a local homebrew club, the brewery hired  Continue Reading…

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Field House – Raspberry & Red Currant Sour

This past winter, award-winning brewery Field House released a threesome of foeder-aged fruit sours. Beer Me BC was fortunate enough to review a sample of its Raspberry & Redcurrant Foeder  Continue Reading…

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Red Racer Roseate Sour Ale with Peaches

Central City Brewing’s Red Racer Roseate is an extremely impressive aged sour with brilliant colour and aroma and a distinctive experience on the palate. In appearance, it is brilliant red  Continue Reading…

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Mariner Venture Blueberry Sour

The cover of the Fall 2019 issue of What’s Brewing magazine happens to feature two people, but is actually centred on a glass of beer. There is a luminescent red  Continue Reading…

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VIB and Twin City Brewing Collab – Rainshadow Sour

We all love collaboration packs and so do breweries. What’s not to love, an opportunity to try a whole lot of different styles by a variety of breweries 🙂 Vancouver  Continue Reading…

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