Smithers Brewing Co./ Mighty Peace Brewing Co./ Iron Road Brewing- New Normal Sour


Smithers Brewing Co./ Mighty Peace Brewing Co./ Iron Road Brewing- New Normal Sour Review

In-person beer festivals might be cancelled for the foreseeable future but the folks behind the annual beer fest in Prince George found a way for people to enjoy at least some of the festival experience, mainly exclusive or hard-to-get beer. The Kiwanis AleFest, the popular annual beer fest in BC’s north,  put together a very special 8-pack featuring 8 new beers from 10 different northern breweries. The release coincided with an online event hosted by Aaron Johnson from Cascadian Beer Podcast and Joe Wiebe of BC Ale Trail and Craft Beer Revolution.

One of the beers featured in the pack was a three-way collaboration between Smithers, Mighty Peace, and Iron Road Brewing. This sour has a label and a taste very evocative of “a particular fruit beverage.” The label describes it as a hazy fermented with lactic acid-producing yeast and an “irresponsible” amount of citrus fruit.

The New Normal pours opaque orange with a medium white head that doesn’t really linger long. The aroma is all orange juice and orange soda, very reminiscent of Five Alive. The hops are definitely on the citrus heavy side with a hint of yeasty sourness. The mouthfeel is light dry, despite what your eye might make you think is pulpy thick. Orange citrus dominates the flavour with a moderate sourness arriving midway. The tartness continues into the long finish.

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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Orangey
  • Head Size & Retention: Some head, minimal retention
  • Carbonation: Well Carbonated
  • Clarity: Pulpy
  • Balance: More Hoppy
  • Drinkability: Easy Drinking
  • Enjoyment: I would recommend this beer to a friend
  • Malt Characteristics: Light
  • Hop Characteristics: Fruity, Citrusy, Tropical
  • Other Flavours/Aroma: Sour
  • Palate: Crisp/Dry/Clean, Juicy, Sour/Acidic


Congrats to the Kiwanis Ale Fest and all who participated in providing the closest thing to a beer festival that has been seen in awhile. Hopefully these beers, including the very citrus forward The New Normal Sour, will be seen again soon.


Excellent job evocating a particular popular brand of orange juice.

Perfect beer festival beer.


Might not be seen again.

Small head that diminishes quickly.

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