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4 Mile Brewing – Grapefruit IPA

4 Mile Brewing Co. is the packaging brewery located alongside the very respectable Four Mile House brewpub on the highway west of Victoria. Here we consider their Grapefruit IPA. Apparent successor

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Lighthouse – Nightwatch Coffee Lager

Before you even taste this beer, you’ll smell it. Looking for a beer with a subtle hint of java in the aroma? Um, no. All your olfactory glands are belong

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Moody Ales – Boss Juice Hazy Double IPA

Boss Juice is a strong IPA that bridges the gap between “Old School” and “New School” traditions. It satisfies the hophead and the juicy IPA fan alike. It’s unfiltered, but

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Yukon Brewing: Mimosa Kolsch Review

Yukon Brewing’s Mimosa Kölsch series continues with this version made with mandarin and blood oranges. This beer poured with a minimal head that disappeared quickly, almost too quickly to get

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Ravens + Moody Brut IPA

Ravens Brewing of Abbotsford has collaborated with Port Moody’s Moody Ales to produce another BC entry in the Brut IPA category. Pioneered in San Francisco, the style involves the use

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