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Four Winds – Cherryoperis Brett Saison with Sour Cherries

Four Winds Brewing Co. presents its Cherryoperis, a variation on its well-established Operis, from its Eurus Series. Strawberry Pinkish-Red in colour, this fruited saison pours with fine bubbles and leaves a slight lace

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Field House Brewing – Oldhand Flat White Oatmeal Stout

Silky smooth, with a rich, decadent mouthfeel. That’s not marketing copy; that’s the legitimate impression this beer leaves on the stout lover. In fact, those that don’t think they like

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Lighthouse x Town Square – In Cahoots Dark Cherry Sour

Lighthouse Brewing has released a special collaboration with Edmonton’s Town Square Brewing called In Cahoots. It’s a dark cherry sour that both beer lovers and cider lovers can get behind. The aroma and flavour are

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Fernie Brewing – Java The Hut Coffee Milk Stout

Fernie’s Java the Hut debuted in 2015, and became a seasonal staple. It’s a coffee stout with a twist: lactose added to create a ‘Coffee Milk Stout’. Is it a double-double

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Mt. Begbie – Stoked Winter Ale

Veteran brewery Mt. Begbie brings you its cold-weather seasonal, Stoked Winter Ale. Now, given that the brewery is based in Revelstoke, you have to imagine that they know a thing or

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Twa Dogs Chili Chocolate Milk Stout

Lovers of rich beers with strong flavour should take note of the Twa Dogs Chili Chocolate Milk Stout from Victoria Caledonian brewery (in, yes, Victoria). On the nose, it’s just as advertised:

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Parallel 49 Frosted Tips IPA

A frosty new wind has blown into town, and with it a new trend: the Winter IPA. Alongside local debuts from Vancouver Island Brewing and Dead Frog we find Frosted

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Big Rock Holiday Cheers Winter Spice Ale

Big Rock’s holiday Winter Spice Ale is not the best example of a winter ale, nor is it the best example of a beer by Big Rock. Pouring from the

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Unboxed: Parallel 49 & Central City’s Alpine Adventure Pack 2018 Advent Calendar

Late to the party this year is our spotlight on BC’s best-known (and probably only, due to the absence this year of Phillips Brewing’s Snowcase) beer advent calendar. At this stage

Yellow Dog x Trolley 5 Fist Bump Blackberry Red IPA

Here’s a collaboration with a fun story. Two breweries with the same name for a beer– High 5–put their hands together and came up with a fist bump. The liquid

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