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Parallel 49 Unparalleled Pack Review

Beer from Parallel 49 Brewing

Boxed treats from Parallel 49 Brewing

When you see the colourful packaging, you know you’re dealing with founding Yeast Van constituent Parallel 49 Brewing. Founded in 2012, the brewery’s meteoric rise paved the way for a tasting room-led local revolution in beer appreciation. East Vancouver’s Hastings Sunrise district was never the same after craft beer culture became sewn to its core.

But it’s the packaged product that made P49 a household name around the province. With signature eye-popping illustrations, it was hard to ignore on liquor store shelves. Now, approaching the brewery’s tenth anniversary, it’s time to take a look at the mixer pack tradition that alway spotlights four of their enduring creations. Let’s dive into the quartet of brews known as Unparalleled.

Jerkface 9000 Wheat Ale

5.0% ABV 37 IBU

Described as a Mosaic-hopped American Wheat Beer, this ale pours deep gold with a subtle cloudiness.

Jerkface has a noticeable grapefruit and orangey nose. A sip reveals a citrusy flavour with notes of grapefruit, orange pith and stone fruit.

Don’t be put off by the scary man on the can. This beer is refreshing and enjoyable.

Hillbilly Ninja Hazy Pale Ale

5.0% ABV 47 IBU

This Hazy Pale pours a cloudy gold with respectable head. There are tropical aromas with pineapple notes.

Ninja is soft on the palate with good mouthfeel, showcasing flavours of grapefruit and pineapple. It’s a nice hazy pale with just a bit of bite.

“Well, that’s definitey yummy”, said one of the BeerSeekers, who indicated this was her favourite of the pack.

Trash Panda Hazy IPA

5.5% ABV 55 IBU

This beer came along when hazies became a massive force in craft beer. Its catchy brand and drinkability helped it make an impression in BC’s beer store coolers.

Panda pours an orangey gold. It’s juicy on the palate, throwing citrusy, mandarin and stone fruit notes.

Our sampling confirmed that this ale is indeed highly drinkable, so it’s hard to go wrong with this choice either standalone or in the Unparalleled pack.

Filthy Dirty IPA

7.2% ABV  76 IBU

There is a surprising amount of hops in this Winter season assortment, so we should clarify that this particular IPA is of the more traditional West Coast style, differentiating it from the hazy Trash Panda.

Filthy pours just a shade darker gold than the others above like Jerkface. As the name implies, this IPA throws a dank, funky aroma, making the lead-in to its grapefruity flavours and resinous, piney profile just a bit more interesting. On the finish, this brew’s crisp bite accompanies a full, well-carbonated body.

The high-ABV Filthy Dirty definitely satisfies that need for a good old IPA, without being traditional or predictable.


The star rating that follows is an approximate average score for our enjoyment of this pack. To revisit these brews or try them for the first time, visit your local liquor purveyor, or at:

Parallel 49 Brewing Beer Store
1950 Triumph Street
Vancouver, BC V5L 1K5

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