Partake Hefeweizen: Leader of the Pack


Partake Hefeweizen: Leader of the Pack Review

Non-Alcoholic and Dealcoholized beers haven’t traditionally been a focus for BeerMeBC. However, a couple of BC-based standouts have been reviewed within these pages in recent years. Now, it’s time to review a lineup of Canadian counterparts.

You’ve heard of Partake Brewing, makers of well-known Canuck N/A brews crafted from only Reinheitsgebot-approved ingredients like wheat, barley and yeast.

Of course, to get this variety of beer flavours with such a low ABV, something has to be sacrificed. Let’s not dance around that, and let’s talk about what you lose in order to gain (well, actually to lose) what you want to.

Partake Hefeweizen

On the initial pour, this ale comes across as a passable weizen in appearance. The colour is only a bit darker than most. There is significantly less head and retention than in an actual German wheat beer, but that’s to be expected.

For those who focus on aroma, this may not be the best experience. Some esters on the nose; definite orange peel, faint lemon…but mostly offset by a creamed corn aroma that is somewhat typical of non-alcoholic brews.

On the palate it’s a bit thin, which again is normal. The carbonation is mild. Flavour-wise, there’s a slight tang along with a hint of cloves to tell you this is a Hef.

In the finish, there’s a bit of a musty quality, with an aftertaste that will be disagreeable to some craft enthusiasts. However again, this can’t be avoided in the process used and it’s common in the non-alcoholic subcategory.

For those cutting calories as well as alcohol, the 15 cal is a better weight-saving option than almost any ‘real’ craft beer.

Overall, one can’t complain about the fact that Partake is providing a variety of flavours for craft fans to enjoy sans alcohol. Kudos to the folks there for their wide range of flavour options, including a commendable Hefeweizen!

Bonus: Partake Blonde

Thanks to the generosity of Partake Brewing, we have a few other varieties we could comment on. Here is a brief recap of our Blonde Ale impression.

Aroma: same as the other flavours provided. Malty nose reminiscent of Ovaltine.

Colour: poured a dark gold, same as some of the other variations.

Flavour: there was some creamed corn, similar to the other options supplied.

Being Blonde, the ale had no specific strong flavour. It was the same Partake beer with no disctinctive trait. For those that would like a basic entry level N/A brew, this is a good starting point.  // – Beerseers

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