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Partake Brewing Oktoberfest

Once again we spotlight Partake Brewing, brewers of non-alcoholic beers using only Reinheitsgebot-approved ingredients like wheat, barley and yeast. As we did before in our review of Partake Hefeweizen and  Continue Reading…

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Partake Hefeweizen: Leader of the Pack

Non-Alcoholic and Dealcoholized beers haven’t traditionally been a focus for BeerMeBC. However, a couple of BC-based standouts have been reviewed within these pages in recent years. Now, it’s time to  Continue Reading…

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Moody Ales: Blood Orange Hefeweizen

For centuries, Germany has been home to the world’s most famous beverage ingredients law. When the Reinheitsgebot was introduced, it mandated that brewers would work with malt, hops and no  Continue Reading…

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The Ultimate Beer Advent Calendar Kit: Craftmas Box Review

Custom Beer Advent Calendar Presents Unique Holiday Gift Opportunity

#BCBA2022 Back in Session Blackberry & Lemon Salted Sour Collab

PROCEEDS TOWARDS DIVERSITY IN BREWING & BC HOSPITALITY FOUNDATION Each year, BC Beer Awards & Festival (BCBA) partners with BC brewery community members to create a celebratory fundraiser beer. This  Continue Reading…

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Red Racer Street Legal Dealcoholized Nitro Stout: Preview Edition

Here’s a preview of something coming down the pipe that’s rare in Canada: a non-alcoholic dark beer. For years, the holy grail of “near beer” production has been to remove  Continue Reading…

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Russell Brewing – John Mitchell Signature Cascadian Dark Ale

Recently, there was big news in the BC craft beer community around the 40th Anniversary of the origin of craft beer in Canada. For the occasion, a special collaboration tribute  Continue Reading…

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Dageraad’s New Slang 01 Biotransformed IPA + Survey

Once again, Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing is not satisfied to just release a beer without developing some new innovation in the process. This time, they bring two new ideas to the  Continue Reading…

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Dageraad’s Helleraad

When Dageraad makes a standard lager, you know it’s not going to turn out like other standard lagers. They could never do that. So what happens when they try to  Continue Reading…

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Dageraad Enology Series No. 1: Syrah Saison

The inventiveness of breweries like Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing provides a side benefit for the craft fan: for instance, the constant learning about topics like grape variants you can age beer  Continue Reading…

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