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Partake Hefeweizen: Leader of the Pack

Non-Alcoholic and Dealcoholized beers haven’t traditionally been a focus for BeerMeBC. However, a couple of BC-based standouts have been reviewed within these pages in recent years. Now, it’s time to  Continue Reading…

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Red Racer Street Legal Dealcoholized Nitro Stout: Preview Edition

Here’s a preview of something coming down the pipe that’s rare in Canada: a non-alcoholic dark beer. For years, the holy grail of “near beer” production has been to remove  Continue Reading…

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Central City Brewing – Red Racer Street Legal IPA

For many people, the New Year is a time of winding down the excesses of the holiday season and focussing on new resolutions. For that reason, ‘Dry January’ has become  Continue Reading…

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