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BC Breweries & Cideries Metro Vancouver

A Fresh Start for a Long Time BC Brewery – Mission Springs Brewing Co.

Within the BC Beer pony-race there are the big, the small, the new and the old. The contenders each bring something different to the table and offer unique products to

BC Breweries & Cideries Metro Vancouver

Powell St. Craft Brewery – East Vancouver’s Newest Nano-Brewery

The Powell St. Brewery was one of the new Craft Brewers to open up in BC during 2012. Categorized as a nano-brewery this husband-wife team of beer enthusiasts are making

BC Breweries & Cideries

Visiting the Talk of the Town – Parallel 49 Brewing Company

The Parallel 49 Brewing Company is one of the newest breweries in BC. Opening their doors this past summer they have to be considered the ‘New Kids on the Beer

BC Breweries & Cideries Events & Festivals Metro Vancouver

Meet The Brewmaster Mingler – Big River Brewing Co.

The Big River Brewing Company has been around since 1997 but has functioned seemingly in the dark. Being in the depths of Richmond BC the brewery is out of the

BC Breweries & Cideries Vancouver Island

Hoyne Brewery (Victoria BC)

Sean Hoyne founded the Hoyne Brewing Company after leaving the position of Brewmaster at Canoe Brewpub. While Canoe does a great job at being a brewpub, Hoyne spends that same

BC Breweries & Cideries Vancouver Island

Canoe Brewpub (Victoria BC)

Canoe Brewpub is a great spot that you will never find unless you are looking for it. located just past the Victoria thrift-store and social-housing district is a gem of

BC Breweries & Cideries Vancouver Island

Phillips Brewery (Victoria BC)

The Phillips Brewing Company has made great beer for a long time and it seems to be getting better with every passing year. Located in Canada’s Portland, Victoria BC The

BC Breweries & Cideries

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub (Victoria BC)

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub has a reputation as being one of the best brewpubs in the Victoria area. This reputation stems from the consistently quality beer that they have been making

BC Breweries & Cideries Thompson Okanagan

Cannery Brewing Company (Penticton BC)

The Cannery Brewing Company is a small micro-brewery out of Penticton BC. This area of the Okanagan Valley is better known for its wine selection rather than beer but this