Movers and Shakers: Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers is Poised to Enter the BC Craft Beer Market

2013_05_BMBC_DeepCove-33The BC Beer industry is at a tipping point. The bud-light-lime era of beer drinkers is slipping through the fingers of ‘big beer’ as the craft beer revolution shifts from the beer eccentric to including the casual beer drinker. Fueling this shift in mindset and more importantly flavour are the craft brewers of British Columbia.


With the grand opening ribbon still tied around the building the next entrant into the BC Craft Beer scene is The Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers. While in 2012 we saw several entrances into BC craft beer brewing, few set their claim early to a piece of the ever-growing pie. Limited capacity and trepidatious steps made for a slowly successful entrance into consumer’s beer-hearts. Deep Cove is taking a slightly different approach as they are now poised to make a big splash and shake up the who’s-who of BC Craft Beer.

2013_05_BMBC_DeepCove-8Entering the BC scene Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers has a 500+ Hectolitre brewing capacity with room for expansion – plus two stills that are ready to shake up the spirit market as well. Behind the master plan are Shae De Jaray and Shawn Bethune, two engineers with a passion for craft beer. Engineering may not seem like a logical entrance path but with both possessing a masters in brewing and distilling from Heriot Watt, plus Shae with two years at Newlands Systems and brewing experience at Steamworks, this team is well qualified to take on the task at hand. Joining this founding duo is former Coal Harbour Brewmaster Kevin Emms who also has the education, knowledge and experience to make this new venture a huge success.The Deep Cove team is four members deep with Shae, Shawn and Kevin joined by former Central City Sales expert Trish Garratt at the marketing and sales helm.

2013_05_BMBC_DeepCove-42On the brink of opening the brewery doors, final assembly is currently being done and the stage is set. Focusing on a core line of three beers the Wise Crack West Coast Lager, Loud Mouth Pale Ale and the Quick Wit Wheat Ale will surely become staples of your local craft retailer’s shelves very soon. Additionally, the capacity for seasonal brews and unique still-inspired offerings are beckoning to be explored. Scottish education, young ideas, and a fresh take inspire this entirely sub-30s team of beer lovers as they enter the BC craft beer scene. The Deep Cove team functions by the motto “Celebrate Every Day” and has used this concept to inspire their brand focus and even the labels that adorn their soon to be released bottles.

2013_05_BMBC_DeepCove-37Aside from a couple of hush-hush cask events your first true chance to sample the impressive line of beers from Deep Cove Craft Beer and Distillers is the Opening Gala of Vancouver Craft Beer Week. If you can’t make it to this event the brewery doors are set to open in mid-June and beer will be tapped at local pubs shortly following. If you are looking for bottles these should be hitting the shelves of your favorite Vancouver craft beer retailer by early July. Outside of Whistler, Vancouver and the Fraser Valley it may take a few months to make an appearance but be patient as the wait will definitely be rewarded. Great things are sure to come from this young, educated, experienced and most of all passionate team of beer lovers.

Watch for the Deep Cove Craft Beer in your area very soon!

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