A Small Town Brewery with a Rapidly Growing Footprint – Townsite Brewing Inc.

A Small Town Brewery with a Rapidly Growing Footprint – Townsite Brewing Inc.

2013_05_NorcoCamp-189They say you are what you eat but I would argue that you are where you be. That sounds weird but our surroundings affect who we are and how we live our daily lives. That idea is exemplified by the Townsite Brewing Company. From Powell River BC the team behind a roster of top BC beer embraces the concept of a small town but has a big idea for their brewery.

2013_05_NorcoCamp-194Back in March of 2012, somewhere a few ferry rides away Townsite opened up their doors just in time to join the craft beer boom that is happening in around us. Starting off small in an old post office building the small-town team got to brewing. Proceeding with caution from the get-go the brewery came out with a few small batches that were a big hit. Upon repeatedly selling out of seasonal offering before the season even started upping production was a no-brainer and the orders started to pour in. Recently increasing capacity by 50% was nearly inevitable as the beer now brews and is consumed at a steady pace.

2013_05_NorcoCamp-204The brewery is now at the state where they are small enough to make some great beer, big enough to have beer available when you want it and of course be a size where the team can remain passionate about what they do. Everything here is done by hand from the brewing to bottling. Meticulous attention to detail is crucial at every step along the way. From the highest quality labels to personally cleaning tap lines at local pubs Townsite is at every step of the way in ensuring that you have the best beer-experience possible.

2013_05_NorcoCamp-197While the craft beer fanatics of BC may now know who Townsite is what is truly remarkable is the impact that this little brewery has had on their local community. A mere 12 months ago when a small post office was being retrofitted to brew beer, local restaurants and pubs were tapping what the community been asking for year in and year out. Mass produced, big-name beer was being purchased by the community nearly exclusively and the idea of trying a craft beer may have well been Spanish to this small community. As the Townsite beer slowly crept its way into these establishments one keg at a time, people started to shift their ideals. What was initially a huge jump for the beer drinker came to be common thought. A year after opening the brewery, Townsite beer is a top seller in most licensed Powell River establishments.

2013_05_NorcoCamp-210Powell River is a small town and there is a lot of beer consumed elsewhere but this just goes to show the power of local and the power of quality. Brewing top beers like the Perfect Storm, Zunga and Shiny Penny it is inevitable that this brewery rises to the top in the craft beer industry. After taking several awards at the 2012 BC Beer Awards and taking part in the CBC Beer Bands project the team has some clout and is on their way to more great things. The beer may not be available everywhere and you may be hesitate to try something new but give it a chance you will likely find yourself in the same boat as the small town of Powell River and loving what Townsite Brewing has to offer. The power of local has worked for Townsite much the way that a sense of beer-community has worked to grow the industry in BC as a whole.

Great people making delicious beer, that is Townsite Brewing Inc.!

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