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2013_06_Okanagan-73452013_06_Okanagan-7310Tree Brewery is a staple of the Okanagan. Sitting lakeside on a hot summer day necessitates cold beer and that statement is synonymous with Tree. Established in 1996 the brewery has had some time to grow with the evolving craft beer scene and have a leg up on the competition evolving with the times while staying true to their craft beer roots. Why did this talented team call the brewery Tree? According to the brewery themselves “it represents the natural beauty of British Columbia and the passion for all things natural and hand crafted”.

2013_06_Okanagan-7317Staying true to your strengths is key in any industry but in the BC Craft Beer market this is more true than ever. In a market that is becoming more and more competitive venturing too far from your core strengths is a recipe for disaster. At the centre of each and every brew comes Tree Beer’s core belief “to brew memorable and flavourful beers regardless of the style”.

2013_06_Okanagan-7334This statement sounds rather vague but it remains the source of each and every Tree beer’s uniqueness and differentiating qualities. A Tree beer is by no means run of the mill and it draws conflicting reviews based on personal preferences and unique flavour profiles. Each and every beer that comes from this Kelowna brewery has something that differentiates it from the other often mundane in comparison beers. Whether it be the strong and deep hop profiles from the Hop Head series of beers or the new Pineapple Hefeweizen these beers do not conjure memories of other beers but rather memories of experiences centered around this great tasting list of beers behind the team at Tree.

When you enter the Tree Brewing Tasting Room the size is actually quite impressive. In a province filled with cramped brewery retail spaces the bar is off to the right and a lounge area is on the far left. Between the two tasting areas is a great selection of beer, beer memorabilia and other beer related products.

From stainless steel growlers to t-shirts then all the way to jams and spreads there is something for pretty much everyone to enjoy here but it is a safe assumption that pretty much everyone has their eye on the beer.




At the particular time that we happened to stop in for a tasting at the Tree Brewery there were 8 different beers on tap. We were also lucky enough to try the new Pineapple Wit on Cask as it was currently pouring in the tasting room. From a light lager through the fruity seasonals and onwards to the Black IPA the range and diversity of beers found on the taps is quite remarkable. What is more impressive though is how each beer stays true to the breweries core competencies of keeping quality and uniqueness at the front of mind with each release. Working your way through the flight of beers none come off as being odd or obscure but each one has something that defines its uniqueness and makes for a delicious and memorable tasting.

2013_06_Okanagan-7323Tree’s attention to detail and passion for craft beer has not gone unnoticed. As you stand around the tasting bar it is nearly impossible to miss the endless line of awards that have been received over the years. Spanning the line of beers many of the old favorites and newer additions to the lineup have been adorned with some hardware showing just how good these beers really are.



Kelowna is known for many things. Tourists flock for the lake-lifestyle, wine tours and more but next time you are rolling through town be sure to make a stop at the Tree Brewery. Their beer is delicious, goes great with your summer activities and offers something just a little different than your typical craft beer experience. Stop in and say hello; tell them Beer Me BC sent you!

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