Whitetooth Brewing – La Tenace Belgian Single


Whitetooth Brewing – La Tenace Belgian Single Review

From Golden BC, from a golden brewery, comes a golden ale.

Every year, the Canadian Brewing Awards & Conference presents Canada’s most-coveted awards to fortunate breweries from coast to coast, and BC always wins more than its fair share of hardware.

When this year’s awards were held this past weekend, Golden BC’s craft brewery became the most golden of them all, as Whitetooth Brewing came away with three (3!) gold medals, as well as a silver and bronze for 5 total. That’s an absolutely stunning feat.

Almost as great: here at Beer Me BC, we had one of those winning beers in our queue and ready for review. So by happy coincidence, we present our first-ever Whitetooth Brewing review, for their Silver trophy-winning La Tenace Belgian Single.

This Belgian golden ale comes in at 4.7%ABV. It’s called ‘Single’ for a reason; as a lighter counterpart to the more-familiar Belgian Dubbels and Tripels, La Tenace would have made a good additon to What’s Brewing magazine’s recent session beer tasting panel.

On the nose, the brew throws the characteristic yeasty Belgian esters with slight bubble gum aroma.

Flavour-wise, it has an appropriate but subltle funkiness.┬áThere’s also a very subtle fruitiness, with notes of apple and stone fruit.

On the palate, this Belgian is crisp and dry, with a clean finish. Also, the beer is thin. That’s not abnormal or a flaw; this is a ‘small beer’.

This table beer has to be evaluated in context, which is what we did; it came out with a good mark for a subtle style. Congrats to Whitetooth on brewing a good example in this less-travelled beer category, and for the big haul at #CBAC2020!

  • (3.8)
  • (4)
  • (4)
  • (4)
  • (3.5)
    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Gold
  • Head Size & Retention: Some head, minimal retention
  • Carbonation: Mild Carbonation
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Balance: Balanced Malt/Hop
  • Drinkability: Definitely Drinkable
  • Enjoyment: I thought it was fine
  • Malt Characteristics: Biscuity/Bready
  • Other Flavours/Aroma: Apple, Pear, Stone Fruit: Apricot, Peach etc, Bubblegum, Earthy/Funky
  • Palate: Thin, Crisp/Dry/Clean


This is a well-crafted example of a Belgian table beer. Don’t expect a flavour extravaganza. But for a 4.7% beer, it’s got more merit than many.

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