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Community Spotlight: Sean White of Copper Brewing

In its current issue headlined ‘Virtual Beerality,’ What’s Brewing magazine discusses the future of BC’s craft beer in a world with reduced contact with a group of industry members. Here is the full interview with Sean White of Copper Brewing.

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Drinking In Isolation: Cutting Back On Booze, Not Beer

The advent of home isolation and overconsumtion in 2020 has made reducing alcohol desirable. But has technology made a good dealcoholized beer possible?

We talk to Central City Brewers & Distillers’ Brewmaster Gary Lohin about his Street Legal IPA, and experience the sneaky allure of hoppy beer with body, but without the alcohol.

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Thanks, Labatt: When Canadian Big Beer Shot Itself in the Foot

Big Beer in Canada had it good when I was a kid. But thanks to a conversation with Jim Dodds of Red Truck Beer, I can now pinpoint the moment that they unwittingly turned me against them…by selling me something I really enjoyed.

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Navigating Uncharted Waters: Ken Beattie on guiding BC’s Craft Brewers in 2020

BC’s fledgling craft brewers cope with an industry crisis ranking alongside historic labour disputes and wartime During the past decade, legislation allowing tasting lounges in BC breweries enabled a new  Continue Reading…

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BC Craft Beer Trends: Seven Year Survey Data Analysis

A Closer Look at the BC Craft Beer Survey Data from 2013 to 2019 In its 7th year running, the BC Craft Beer Survey continues to track the preferences of  Continue Reading…

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The Results Are In! – 2019 BC Craft Beer Survey Summary

The 7th annual BC Craft Beer Survey ran during the month of November, when over 1000 submissions were received providing insight on BC beer + cider consumers’ opinions. Now we have some interesting analysis to present.

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The Best in BC Craft Beer – 2019 People’s Choice Awards

During November, more than 1000 entries were received in response to our 7th Annual BC Craft Beer Survey. Here is the full list of BC’s favourite beers, breweries, events and more in the People’s Choice Awards!

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Lucky Lager: the Island’s working-class beer thrives despite craft craze

Larry Pynn is a longtime Vancouver Sun writer who became intrigued by the culture of Lucky Lager upon retiring to the Cowichan Valley. Here’s his look at a beer that’s special to an entire region of BC.

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Largest ever BC craft beer industry event to be held October 17-18

The BC Craft Brewers Conference evolved into its current form in 2017, and it’s now safely established as the industry event of the year for the BC brewing and craft beer community. Here’s our breakdown of the most impressive ways the Conference has grown for 2019.

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Outgrowing Growth – A look at the explosion of craft beer in British Columbia

Breweries & Beer Volume Growth in British Columbia – A Closer Look The growth of craft beer drives headlines around North America. Boasting strong double digit volume growth quarter by  Continue Reading…