Community Spotlight: Sean White of Copper Brewing

From What’s Brewing magazine’s Winter 2020-21 issue

BC’s 200 craft breweries were built to be community gathering places, forgoing TV screens in favour of long, shared tables and mingling. For now, that is no longer the advantage it was.

In this issue of What’s Brewing magazine, a group of industry members discuss how BC craft breweries will survive hospitality’s harshest ever winter with slashed capacity, frozen patios and a raging virus, and what awaits them in 2021 if a wary public continues to stay home. Today, we hear from Sean White of Kelowna’s Copper Brewing.

Sean White of Copper Brewing

Q&A with Industry Panellist Sean White of Copper Brewing

Q: It was great to tour your facility this pas t summer. How are you holding up, and how busy is the brewhouse these days?

A: It was great to meet you guys! Things have slowed down in the taproom, but we have been moving more product in the wholesale market which has helped for sure.

Q: How are things going in front of house operations? What is your capacity reduced to, and how is traffic for you?

A: Our capacity was reduced by about 35%. We have installed heaters on our patio and some people are taking advantage of them, which is great to see. We also offer blankets free of charge.

Q: Winter is a big concern for many hospitality businesses. Have you done much outdoor seating, and if so do you have a plan for the colder weather?

A: Other than the heaters we have installed, there is not too much else we can do. We looked at enclosing our patio but the seating capacity is too small to justify.

Q: Have you held any “virtual events”, or do you plan to in the future? Do you see much of a role for “online gathering spaces” in your marketing going forward?

A: We have not as of yet explored virtual events, but we are not ruling it out as a possibility.

Q: Do you think that COVID will permanently change people’s behaviour, and make society less trusting of close face-to-face interactions with strangers, even after vaccines emerge? Do you think craft beer drinkers are more likely or less likely to be mindful of keeping their distance than the general public?

A: I’m not entirely sure how things are going to play out, but I am hopeful that our industry will continue to be centered around human interaction.

Q: What’s next on the horizon for you? Any other topic, product, community activity, or recent successes you’d care to highlight?

A: We will continue to offer our customers a great experience, be it in our taproom or with product they can bring home to enjoy.

Copper Brewing Co.
1851 Kirschner Rd, Kelowna, BC

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