2016 Beer Me BC People's Choice Awards

2016 People’s Choice Awards – The Best in BC Craft Beer

2016 Beer Me BC People's Choice Awards

2016 Beer Me BC People's Choice AwardThe 2016 Beer Me BC People’s Choice Awards

The Best in BC Craft Beer as Voted by You!

In the fourth annual BC craft beer survey we asked you, BC craft beer drinkers, about your favourite events breweries and beers. Compiling the results we have come up with the top 5 in each category. From Best Craft Beer Event to Best BC Craft Beer, here are the 2016 Beer Me BC People’s Choice Awards.

What do you think about how people voted this year? Is this an accurate representation of the best BC craft beer has to offer? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Great Canadian Beer Fest
Best BC Craft Beer Event

  1. Great Canadian Beer Fest
  2. Vancouver Craft Beer Week
  3. BC Beer Awards
  4. Farmhouse Fest
  5. Okanagan Fest of Ale



Stanley Park Sunsetter Summer Ale LaunchBest Spring/Summer Seasonal BC Craft Beer

  1. Stanley Park Sun Setter Summer Ale
  2. Bomber Park Life Passion Fruit Ale
  3. Red Racer ISA
  4. Four Winds Nectarous Dry Hopped Sour
  5. Parallel 49 Tricycle Radler




Granville Island Lions Winter AleBest Fall/Winter Seasonal BC Craft Beer

  1. Granville Island Lions Winter Ale
  2. Driftwood Sartori Harvest Fresh Hop IPA
  3. Whistler Valley Trail Chestnut Ale
  4. Driftwood Singularity Imperial Stout
  5. Vancouver Island Hermannator Ice Bock





Driftwood Fat Tug IPA (New Label)Most Often Consumed BC Craft Beer

  1. Driftwood Fat Tug IPA
  2. Red Racer IPA
  3. Phillips Blue Buck Pale Ale
  4. Hoyne Dark Matter
  5. Red Racer ISA




Parkside Brewery - Port Moody BCBest New BC Craft Brewery

  1. Parkside Brewery 
  2. Field House Brewing
  3. Faculty Brewing
  4. Trading Post Brewing
  5. Tie – Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks & Luppolo Brewing




Brassneck BreweryBest BC Craft Brewery

  1. Brassneck Brewery
  2. Four Winds Brewing
  3. Phillips Brewing
  4. Strange Fellows Brewing
  5. Driftwood Brewery




Driftwood Fat Tug IPA (New Label)Best BC Craft Beer

  1. Driftwood Fat Tug IPA
  2. Four Winds Nectarous Dry Hopped Sour 
  3. Hoyne Dark Matter
  4. Crannog Backhand of God Stout
  5. Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA




Congratulations to all the winners in the 2016 Beer Me BC People’s Choice Awards!

Do you agree with the 2015 Beer Me BC People’s Choice Awards? Leave your comments below!

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Dustan Sept

Dustan Sept is the founder of Beer Me BC. His passion for craft beer drove the creation of beermebc.com in 2012. To learn more about the beermebc.com editorial team visit beermebc.com/the-beer-me-bc-team/.


  1. Jason F
    Jason F 20 December, 2016, 10:01

    I’ll be totally honest, these results are mostly quite surprising and I don’t agree with a lot of what’s there. Goes to show there is a lot of range of taste and priorities in craft beer enthusiasts.

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    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 20 December, 2016, 14:56

      It’s all a matter of taste I guess. I’m a hop head and Fat Tug IPA is very good. The best? Hard to say, haven’t tried every one. Best Winter is totally wrong as Granville Island doesn’t make anything good. Herminator is much better , especially if it’s been celllared a couple years Best brewery . 4 winds is certainly up there and best new brewery Trading Post is very good

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      • ry
        ry 11 December, 2017, 21:35

        That’s a terrible argument. Granville Island Winter Ale is one of my favourites and trust me, it surprised me that this was so, but every winter i return to it and it once again astonishes me with it’s grandeur.

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  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous 20 December, 2016, 19:20

    Let me say Fat tug IPA is good but not the best anymore by a long shot… it’s really overrated I had postmarks sevens IPA and it was delicious.., like I’m saying fat tug is still good but over the years I’ve found it to loose its tarnish… there are many many other ones to enjoy out there.

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  3. redhendrix
    redhendrix 20 December, 2016, 20:09

    i hate to say it: fat tug is the budweiser of bc craft beer.

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    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 20 December, 2016, 21:16

      That kind of statement would make many inclined to think that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Fat Tug is now simply POPULAR – which means it reaches newer craft beer drinkers ie/ people with less perspective on the community, scene and history. Ultimately, that kind of popularity begets critique from people simply unqualified to give it.

      Budweiser represents the pinnacle in watered down, North American piss; to compare it to Fat Tug – a PNW staple and an important brand that has brought more drinkers to craft beer – is just stupid and incorrect.

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  4. Marlon Hoffmann
    Marlon Hoffmann 29 December, 2016, 16:57

    Is there any market for real kölsch brewed and exportet from the old country in Vancouver ? I just need yall s opinions on that

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  5. heavycf
    heavycf 29 December, 2016, 19:12

    These survey results makes me sad.

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  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous 30 December, 2016, 10:19

    Since when is “Granville Island” and “Stanley Park” beers “craft” beers? Mass produced in giant contract breweries. One in Richmond the other in the interior. “Crafty” beers at best. Just goes to show…

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  7. Joe
    Joe 30 December, 2016, 16:13

    I have tried most of these beers and they dont belong at the top. My personal pick for best beer in BC is the Potts Pils from Moon Under Water Brewery. Just phenominal! Hard to find on the mainland but grab it if you see it.

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  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous 31 December, 2016, 21:28

    doesn’t really matter what you people think, people chose the beers they like, so the stats can’t be wrong

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