Hearthstone Brewery – Chocolate Milk Stout

Hearthstone Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout Review


3.8 out of 5
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3.8 out of 5
4 out of 5


3.9 out of 5


  • Brewery: Hearthstone Brewery
  • Beer Style: Stout
  • Pros:

    A smooth Milk Stout with the addition of delicious chocolate

  • Cons:

    A bit bitter on the finish

  • Conclusion:

    A smooth and lightly bittered Chocolate Milk Stout

Hearthstone Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout ReviewHearthstone Brewery – Chocolate Milk Stout Review

North Vancouver’s Hearthstone Brewing has been rolling out their 473ml cans and one beer that has been receiving some chatter is their Chocolate Milk Stout. Partnering with the East Van Roasting Company this beer is aged with cacao nibs to add complexity to the beer. Pouring the beer from the tall can this brew appears a dark, near black colour and is topped with one finger of brown, lightly lacing head. From the brew comes an aroma of coffee, chocolate and a creamy-smoothness of bitterness and sweetness. The beer isn’t overly sweet smelling but it is still reminiscent of a chocolate dessert. The body is smooth on the tongue with the lactose making for a defined creaminess. The chocolate notes add to the smoothness while giving a bitter-sweetness to boot. Light coffee tones appear in the background which add another slight bitterness source to the equation. Overall the Hearthstone Chocolate Milk Stout is very smooth and has a nice balance of bitterness and sweetness that comes together in a very enjoyable package.

Alcohol – 5.5%
IBU – 31
Size – 473ml Cans


Hearthstone Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout Review

Hearthstone Brewing Chocolate Milk Stout Review

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  1. Mike
    Mike 18 February, 2016, 12:33

    I continue to be quite excited about the things to come from Hearthstone Brewing. Their beers continue to be really solid including this beer here.

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