Deep Cove Brewers – The Crawl Stout

Deep Cove Brewers The Crawl Stout Review


4 out of 5
4 out of 5
3.8 out of 5
3.9 out of 5


3.9 out of 5


  • Brewery: Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers
  • Beer Style: Stout
  • Pros:

    Nice balance of coffee, chocolate and roasted malt flavours

  • Cons:

    A tad bitter for the style

  • Conclusion:

    A well balanced Stout with a bit of a bitter kick on the finish

Deep Cove Brewers The Crawl Stout Review Deep Cove Brewers – The Crawl Stout Review

With the new branding of Deep Cove Brewers comes a new Stout. The first Stout that was released by Deep Cove was a Nitro Stout but they have kept things a little more traditional here with a classic Stout brew. With a label inspired bu the words of Spirit of the West’ John Mann,  this beer pours from the bottle dark brown in colour with two fingers of dense head which leave a light lacing behind on the glass. From the beer a roasted malt, and espresso tone come through with a light chocolate tinge. Tasting the beer it starts off light on the tongue with a slight creaminess to it. The flavour begins with roasted malts and light chocolate before a coffee and hop bitterness grows at the back of the tongue. In the last moments a distinct bitterness leaves the palate yearning for more. The bitter finish is bigger than many stouts but overall The Crawl is a very enjoyable, well balanced Stout.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 650ml bottles


Deep Cove Brewers The Crawl Stout Review Deep Cove Brewers The Crawl Stout Review

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