Red Truck Brewery - East Vancouver

The New Red Truck Brewery is Open for Business in East Vancouver

A Walk Through The Red Truck Brewery in East Vancouver

Red Truck Brewing Co Panoramic Photo
The Red Truck Brewery had been truckin’ along in North Vancouver longer than most breweries in BC were even an idea. It is not business as usual for this brewing team though, with an all-new brewery that has been under construction in East Vancouver for more than two years. The wait is finally over and you can now sit down for a pint, and a meal, at the Red Truck Brewery.

Red Truck Brewing Company
Opening on East 1st street in Vancouver’s Brewery Creek area, Red Truck is now the neighbour of several other local craft breweries. Moving from a very small facility in the old Taylor’s Crossing building in North Vancouver, the new building is not even comparable. Now brewing with a 65HL brewhouse Red Truck can finally supply BC with enough beer to satisfy their thirst. In the past you were limited to only a handful of locations serving Red Truck beer on draft. Now, you can find the Red Truck Lager, Ale and IPA on tap and in bottles throughout the province. Additionally, seasonal offerings can be found in 650ml bomber bottles.

Red Truck Brewery Tasting Room & Restaurant

The Red Truck Ale has been the stand-out beer from the Red Truck Brewery since day one. With the new brewhouse comes greater opportunity though, and the IPA and lager seem to also be grabbing hold. With a larger capacity also comes the opportunity for the brewing team to explore new flavours. The seasonal Blonde Ale, Tripel and Porter have been stand out offerings that show the diversity and complexity that can come from the new Red Truck team.

Red Truck Brewery Restaurant

In addition to a state-of-the-art brewery, Red Truck also incorporates a new diner-style restaurant into the mix. Walking into the facility you are confronted with a growler filling and retail space before stepping foot into a 50s-style diner with food offerings to pair with your flight or pint of beer. The diner is well lit with big windows looking out onto the patio space. On the other side of the room there are also windows giving a view into the brewing area.

Red Truck Brewery Craftmaster 4 Sampler

If you time your visit right, not only can you have lunch and enjoy a variety of delicious craft beer offerings, you can also line up a brewery tour. Red Truck will be offering scheduled tours where you can walk through the facility and see a birds-eye view of the magic happening. The brewery is laid out beautifully where each tour will take visitors on a Charlie Bucket-like experience where you can not only understand where the beer comes from, but also see the magic that results in the form of delicious craft beer!

Red Truck Brewing Company
295 E 1st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1A7

Red Truck Brewing Co Panoramic Photo 2015_05_BMBC-2411 Red Truck Brewery Craftmaster 4 Sampler Red Truck Brewery Tasting Room & Restaurant 2015_05_BMBC-2391 2015_05_BMBC-2388 2015_05_BMBC-2382 2015_05_BMBC-2377 2015_05_BMBC-2375 2015_05_BMBC-2374 2015_05_BMBC-2372 2015_05_BMBC-2361 2015_05_BMBC-2354 Red Truck Brewery Restaurant 2015_05_BMBC-2351 Red Truck Brewing Company Red Truck Brewery - East Vancouver

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  1. Steve R
    Steve R 24 May, 2015, 14:40

    I was disappointed when I went for a growler or few bottles of the collobaration beer they have done for craft beer week. It turns out they don’t do bottles or growler fills, you can only buy it by the sleeve. I was very excited to try this brewery out as I walked past it for the last 12 months while it was under constructions. Very disappointed.

    Also, I didn’t know their location was considered East Vancouver.

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    • dustansept
      dustansept Author 24 May, 2015, 14:48

      Hey Steve,

      Perhaps you were there too early? Red Truck is now filling growlers and selling bombers. As for their location I believe it is considered East Vancouver until Main Street.

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  2. TheManWhoKnows
    TheManWhoKnows 4 June, 2015, 15:05

    The border of Van East and Van West is Ontario Street, which is two blocks to the east of Main. This is very much an East Van address.

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