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Preparing for Round 2 – The Red Truck Beer Company Prepares to Move

Red Truck Brewer Hamish McRae

Red Truck Brewery

Red Truck Beer has had quite the history starting off opening in the Avalon Brewing Company’s North Vancouver location back in 1994 with the Mark James Group. What was Taylor’s Crossing is now the stand-alone Red Truck Beer Company where the original brewhouse is still intact and has been brewing fantastic beer for more than a decade. Dave Varga was the man behind the beer for many years but with his recent move to 33 Acres, Hamish MacRae rose to the occasion and set to bring Red Truck forward into 2014. Red Truck and Hamish would continue the charge brewing the Red Truck Ale, Red Truck Lager and an always delicious, rotating seasonal option.

Housed in the what was the Taylor’s Crossing building in North Vancouver Red Truck Beer brews using a 23 hectolitre brewhouse. Primarily unchanged since 1998 the Red Truck brewery has been fueling tap lines around Vancouver at capacity for a many years. With the rapid expansion of craft beer in BC, Red Truck was faced with a big decision, and they locked in their choice back in 2012. The brewery was set for expansion into the Brewery Creek area of Vancouver. A history of brewing in North Vancouver will soon be left behind with three relatively recent breweries now filling Red Truck’s large shoes on the North Shore. The tradition of Red Truck will not be forgotten though as with a departure from home comes a new 60 hectolitre facility with the capacity to quench the thirst of the exploding BC craft beer connoisseur. At this new location brewer, Hamish McRae will join Justin Vicarious with the scale, knowledge and experience necessary to jump up several notches in brewing prowess. This is an exciting time for BC craft beer drinkers as even more great things are soon to come from the pillar that is Red Truck Beer.

Red Truck Brewing, North Vancouver BC

Red Truck BreweryWith a light stint of nostalgia there is a sense of apprehension in moving to a new scale of brewing facility but excitement around the capacity of this new, state-of-the-art facility will allow for greater consistency of the traditional beers that defined Red Truck as well as the ability to expand their seasonal offerings tending to the diverse palate of craft beer drinkers. A larger facility will also open the doors for packaged goods beyond kegs which has been the primary focus to date. With the expansion of Red Truck will come the addition of bottles and cans to the product mix and give consumers the opportunity to enjoy delicious Red Truck Beer in the comfort of their own homes.

Red Truck has been a staple of the BC Craft Beer Scene for more than a decade and with their upcoming move to Vancouver comes the next stage in an already vibrant history of brewing. Whether you drink the beer today or tomorrow it may be coming from the old facility or the new but either way the beer represents a consistent message of craft beer for the evolving palate and a dedication to providing fresh, delicious beer to those that appreciate it most. The move date is rapidly approaching and with that comes the excitement of new brews and wider availability in what has become a favourite among beer drinkers – Red Truck Beer!Red Truck Beer Kegs

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