Moody Ales - Craft Beer in Port Moody

Moody Ales of Port Moody BC Takes On the Tri-Cities’ Thirst for Craft Beer

Moody Ales Joins the Fight for Craft Beer in Port Moody, BC.

Looking East of Vancouver towards the Fraser Valley has not always been inspiring for craft beer drinkers. With the growth of the industry and more and more consumers moving to the flavours of craft, breweries are popping up in areas where only a few years ago would not have been a viable business decision. Moody Ales is one such brewery where they have opened their doors in beautiful Port Moody, BC. Just down the road from the also new, Yellow Dog Brewing Company a location next to Rocky Point Park is a sure sign for busy days to come. This popular summer beach park destination is now home to craft beer!

Port Moody's Moody Ales Brewery

Moody Ales comes to market in an intelligently cautious manner. As you walk into the brewery you may notice things look a little different that some of the more well known Vancouver based breweries. The Moody Ales ownership group thought long and hard before investing in this microbrewery and the result is a small and very future-proofing perspective on equipment. With budget on the mind you will find an indirect fire burner-style kettle and a converted dairy-unit mash tun. This is not a typical brewing setup but still offers the brewing team a quality and consistent product albeit with a little bit of extra elbow grease put into the mix.

Moody Ales Brewhouse

Moody Ales



As you look across from the room from the brewhouse to the fermentors this is where Moody put their money where their mouth is. Investing in a handful of Okanagan made 24 hecolitre fermentors to double the 12 hectolitre brewhouse there is a noticeable amount of extra plumbing running along the ceiling. This seemingly needless plumbing results in a drag and drop philosophy where as things grow new tanks can simply be moved into place and brewed in seamlessly. As scale grows the brewhouse can also be replaced with a more conventional unit keeping flavour and quality consistent but improving efficiency and allowing for more people to enjoy the beer coming from Port Moody.

Moody Ales Tasting Flight

In the tasting room you will find bar seating and a number of stool-tables along the wall. With room for 20 or so patrons to comfortably enjoy a tasting experience the door swings constantly with a flow of both growler-seeking customers and those in for a tasting experience. On tap you will find a Blonde Ale, Brown Ale and IPA along with a Cask pouring if you are lucky! More is on its way though as with only 6 weeks under the brewery’s belt curiosity and experimentation is just getting under way. Don’t be surprised down the line to find a broadened line of staple options and a plethora of seasonal brews being released in the coming months.

Moody Ales Tasting Flight 2014_11_BMBC-8045 2014_11_BMBC-8044 2014_11_BMBC-8042 2014_11_BMBC-8039 2014_11_BMBC-8038 2014_11_BMBC-8037 Moody Ales Moody Ales Brewhouse Moody Ales - Craft Beer in Port Moody Port Moody's Moody Ales Brewery

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