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Yellow Dog Brewing Company – Bringing Craft Beer to the People of Port Moody


The Tri-Cities has until recently been relatively starved for Craft Beer brewed locally. One of the businesses looking to remedy this problem is the brewing team at Port Moody’s Yellow Dog Brewery. Here in the Rocky Point area of Port Moody a microbrewery is making waves and brewing up some new local favourite beers.


The Yellow Dog Brewery is not taking the typical approach in a few ways. The biggest aspect that you will notice is their contained picnic area behind the brewery. At this establishment there is seeting at the bar and around the taps but in addition there are picnic tables set out back where you can take your beer and enjoy in the warming, late summer glow. In getting to this unique outdoors seating you will also walk through the heart of the brewery breathing in all the glory of a true craft brewery. There is nothing to hide here as you can see it all and watch the beer you love be brewed right before your eyes.


When you make the effort to stop in and say hello at Yellow Dog you will be greeted with friendly faces and at least three beers on tap. Starting off with a Kolsch before moving on to a Pale Ale and an IPA the flavour is bang on and the lineup represents a solid West Coast inspiration in a sessionable and varied flavour portfolio package. These three beers represent the start of many more great things to come and while these may or may not remain in the lineup down the road one thing you can be sure of is that there will be beer and it will be delicious. As seasonal brews and experimentation batches emerge if you want to stay current and follow the flavour progression as things mature you better stop in often.

Yellow Dog has a fantastic location and is off to a great brewing start. The best way to experience this new BC based brewery is to make the trip yourself and stop in for a flight. You will not be disappointed!



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