The Nelson Brewing Company – The Most Refreshing Place in the West Kootenays

2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-25222014_07_BCBEERTRIP-2542Located in the West Kootenays and tucked away from the rush of a big city is the town of Nelson BC. Also known as the Queen City this is where none-other than the Nelson Brewing Company calls home.

The Nelson Brewery is situated in a building erected in the late 1800s for the purpose of brewing beer. The current Nelson Brewing team may not be the first tenants in the facility but beer has always been the best use of this unique space. Since taking over the location and starting beer production in 1991 the goal has been to brew all natural, traditional and full-flavoured ales for those in Nelson and throughout British Columbia. In 2006 this philosophy was taken a step further in becoming a certified organic brewery.

2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-2507The Nelson Brewery is uniquely located pprimarilyunderground in a basement level facility acting as a natural air conditioner in a town which regularly sees temperatures climb above 35 degrees Celcius. Climate control in an area such as Nelson can make or break a beer’s quality so this natural control is both affordable and rather effective. Beer is constantly brewed keeping the custom fermentor’s filled to keep the supply in check with a consistent and growing demand.


Packaging has shifted in recent years where a standard twist top bottle has been replaced with 355ml cans and a procession of 650ml, bomber style bottles. This shift has satisfied the desires of an active customer base utilizing the portability of cans while simultaneously providing a more stable and consistent product. The bomber bottles also allow for a stronger representation in the unique seasonal brews that have become so important in the BC craft beer market.

2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-2528You may recognize the staple beers that have created the brand awareness that Nelson Brewery worked so hard to gain. These include the Paddywack Organic IPA, Harvest Moon Organic Hemp Ale, Blackheart Organic Oatmeal Stout and a few others. More recently breakout beers such as the Faceplant Organic Winter Ale, Full Nelson Organic Imperial IPA and the Organic Ginger Beer have broken out and won over the palates of fans new and old. In fact, local embrace has even driven the local Whitewater Ski Resort to name one of their runs after the Faceplant Organic Winter Ale.

2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-2530The Nelson Brewing Company does not have a formal tasting room but if you are in Nelson you will not have any trouble finding their beer. Located on nearly every tap line and on the shelves of every retailer the Nelson Brewing Company’s product is prolific in the area. Even venturing outside the town limits you will see this BC favourite and organic beer in BC government liquor stores and private retailers across the province.

The focus and dedication in creating all natural, traditional and full-flavoured ales has been the source of success from day one. Building on this core competency becoming a certified organic brewery has further compounded their strength and differentiation in an increasingly competitive British Columbia market. This is beer that you can feel good about drinking and surely we will see more great things in year to come from the Nelson Brewing Company.

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