Top 10 BC Craft Beers of Summer

The Best Craft Beer for your British Columbia Summer (2014)

The Top 10 Craft Beers for Summer – 2014 Edition

Summer and craft beer go hand in hand. No warm summer’s evening is complete without the crisp and refreshing taste of a BC brewed craft beer. With new breweries opening on nearly a weekly basis the options available to craft beer connoisseurs is greater than ever before. Here are 10 of the top craft beers for your beautiful British Columbia Summer.



Howe Sound King Heffy Imperial Hefeweizen

Big and bold with strong notes of banana and clove. King Heffy has the strength of the Germans with a British Columbia twist. Big bodied, big flavoured and the king of Hefeweizen’s this is a great beer to enjoy on a hot BC Summer’s evening.

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Four Winds Pilsner Review

Four Winds Pilsner

Light and sessionable the Four Winds Pilsner is crisp, light and one of the best, traditional Pilsners on the market. New Zealand hops complete the Four Winds Pilsner experience for a slight twist on tradition and a delicious beer for summer!

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Driftwood Gose-Uh

Driftwood Brewery Gose-Uh Gose

The Driftwood Brewery has brewed up a Gose just in time for summer. A Gose (pronounced gose-uh) is a mild sour ale which is very refreshing. A slight tartness along with citrus tones in a dry package makes this a unique and very refreshing summer flavour.

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Russell White Rabit Hoppy Hefeweisen

Russell Brewing White Rabbit Hoppy Hefeweizen

Russell Brewing has upped the anti when it comes to local inspiration on international flavours. Taking the traditions of Germany and the flavourful Hefeweizen style the White Rabbit incorporates the clove and citrus tones that you may expect with a north-west style hop to give a unique and clearly BC inspired beer.

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Bridge Brewing Wunderbar Kolsch Review

Bridge Brewing Wunderbar Kolsch

Bridge Brewing has also moved the way of the German’s with the Wunderbar Kolsch. This beer takes the light and sessionable aspects of a lager with a bigger body of an ale in a beautifully brewed package. The Wunderbar Kolsch is light and sessionable while having subtle nuances to the flavour that will require you to have another.

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Cannery Brewing Skaha Summer Ale Review

Cannery Brewing Skaha Summer Ale

The Skaha Summer Ale is a beer perfect for a summer spent on the shores of Lake Okanagan. Light and crisp with a touch of sweetness and Australian Hops this is a sessionable beer which has subtle nuances of flavour sure to tempt your palate.

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33 Acres of Sunshine French Blanche Review

33 Acres of Sunshine French Blanche

A French Blanche is not a typical BC beer but as the day’s warm up this beer simply gets more and more refreshing. Coriander and citrus tones along with a slight anise-infused sweetness give a balanced, well bodied beer from East Vancouver’s 33 Acres.

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Red Racer India Session Ale ISA Review

Red Racer India Session Ale

The Red Racer ISA is light and low on the alcohol but still has the body and flavour that you are hoping for. Brewed with Mosaic Hops mango and passion fruit tones come through in a tropical and refreshing package. This is a beer that you can drink, and love, all day long.

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Tree Brewing Grapefruit Radler Review

Tree Brewing Grapefruit Radler

Tree Brewing has brewed and squeezed together a Radler. Combining yellow grapefruit juice with a crisp lager makes for a very refreshing summer beer-cocktail. Lighter on the sweetness than you may expect and light on the alcohol as well, this is a drink you can enjoy all day long.

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Deep Cove Sunkissed Tea Saison

Deep Cove Sunkissed Tea Saison

Deep Cove has bottled summer in the form of their Sunkissed Tea Saison. This green tea infused Saison is light and fresh with a light hint of green tea which adds an additional layer of complexity and sessionability to an already delicious beer. The Sunkissed Tea Saison is a delicious beer for any hot British Columbia summer day!

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Is your preferred taste of summer not on this list? Tell us what your favourite BC brewed craft beer is!
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