Driftwood Brewing Co. – Gose-Uh Gose

Driftwood Gose-Uh


4.2 out of 5
4 out of 5
3.8 out of 5
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4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Driftwood Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Gose
  • Pros:

    Truly Unique and an homage to tradition

  • Cons:

    Rather Salty

  • Conclusion:

    A unique brew new to BC


Driftwood Brewing Co. – Gose-Uh Gose Review

Driftwood is doing something a little different with the brewing of the Gose-uh. This traditional Leipzig style wheat beer comes from Germany but is not typical in today’s Craft Beer era. The type of beer is called ‘Gose’ but the pronunciation goes ‘Gose-uh’ hence the name. This golden coloured beer is cloudy and topped with three fingers of lightly lacing head. Crisp wheat notes come through the head along with coriander, lightly toasted malt and a citrus aroma. The flavour is not totally different from a typical wheat beer yet remains totally unique. The front of the Gose-uh is crisp in a nice combination of wheat and barley malts. From that initial taste comes a slightly tart flavour and a coriander saltiness. as the tartness fades the palate is left with the coriander and salt through to the finish. This beer is totally different yet is a throwback to the tradition of beer making. Give this a try as it will not likely be around for long!

Alcohol – 5%
Size – 650ml
Price – $6.90 (Private Liquor Store)


Commercial Description:

This unique and rare style of wheat beer is called Gose, pronounced ‘gose-uh’. It was first brewed in the early 16th century in the town of Goslar where the style gets it’s name. Gose became so popular in Leipzig, that local breweries started to make it themselves. Originally, Gose was spontaneously-fermented, however brewers worked out how to achieve the same effect by using a combination of top-fermenting yeast and lacto bacillus bacteria and when the beer was filled into the characteristic long-necked bottles (illustrated on our label) the beer began a secondary fermentation where a plug of yeast would rise up the neck and naturally seal the bottle. Our version of Gose is brewed in a very traditional method (without the yeast plug) and presents as dry, tart, effervescent and citrusy. It is an amazing refresher on a hot summer’s day!

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  1. Brenton
    Brenton 28 August, 2013, 23:06

    I enjoyed how different it was but the coriander was so strong. For the first time ever, a coriander flavoured-beer tasted soapy to me, like cilantro does normally.

    So I’m not sure what I would have thought of the beer. It was interesting, at the very least.

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  2. OHC
    OHC 5 November, 2014, 20:28

    Put an ‘r’ after the ‘g’ and you have a perfect description of this vile brew.

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