Spinnakers Brew Pub – Titanic Strong Stout

Spinnakers Titanic Stout Review


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  • Brewery: Spinnaker's Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Stout
  • Pros:

    Dark and flavourful stout with a touch of smoke

  • Cons:


  • Conclusion:

    Big and strong Stout without hitting the imperial intensity level


Spinnakers Titanic Stout Review Spinnakers Brew Pub – Titanic Strong Stout Review

The Titanic Strong Stout is The Spinnakers slightly lighter answer to the Imperial Stout. Taking things down a notch from the often over-the-top intensity of an imperial the Titanic pours a nearly black colour topped with a very thin, fraction of a finger’s worth of head. As the head settles the glass is left with light lacing on its sides. The smell coming off this strong stout is of chocolate, light coffee, toasted malts and caramel. The smooth chocolate flavour is almost reminiscent of a milk stout but you will find no Lactose in the ingredient list. The chocolate malts come in strongest with no real signs of boozy notes to go with it. The texture of this beer is rather soft and slightly creamy with an uncharacteristic lightness to it. With a very low level of carbonation the sweetness of the roasted malts becomes more apparent. The flavour of chocolate and what appeared coffee in the aroma comes through as a light smokiness that is rather nice. This beer is by no means an imperial stout but it is big bodied, smooth and packs a bit of a punch to it. The Titanic does a great job of masking its 7.75% alcohol content in a unique, flavourful and big-bodied English-style dark beer.

Alcohol – 7.75%
IBU – 28
Size –650ml bottle

Spinnakers Titanic Stout Review Spinnakers Titanic Stout Review






Old Spinnakers Titanic Stout label

Spinnakers Brewpub Titanic Strong Stout ReviewSpinnakers Brewpub Titanic Strong Stout ReviewSpinnakers Brewpub Titanic Strong Stout Review

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