Phillips Brewing Co. – Cetus Conservation Society, Leviathan Milk Stout


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Phillips Brewing Co. – Cetus Conservation Society, Leviathan Milk Stout Review

The Milk stout seems to be another beer that has caught on this year on the BC beer scene. Phillips brewery has released the Leviathan Milk Stout with proceeds going to the Cetus Conservation Society.  Pouring this near black beer, it is topped with a finger of quickly dispersing head. The taste is filled with notes of chocolate and a touch of coffee with an almost smokey back. This makes for an easy drinking, flavourful but overall quite mellow stout flavour. The addition of lactose makes for a creamy texture that further mellows the beer. This is a beer that does not stand out from a crowd but that is not the purpose of a milk stout. This is a dark beer that can be enjoyed on a cold winter’s evening or wherever else you may need a dark and heavy beer blanket.

Alcohol – 5.5%
Size – 650ml
Price – $7.50 (Cold Beer and Wine)


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