Moon Under Water Brewery – Cherry Chocolate Stout


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Moon Under Water Brewery – Cherry Chocolate Stout Review

The Moon Under Water has a beer that you have likely never heard of. It is called the Cherry Chocolate Stout or CCS for short and it is only available from the brewery. Pouring into the glass this beer is as dark as a beer can be letting no light shine through. The top is bare of head completely. While I expect a stout to be on the low side this is pushing it. The smell is bitter with chocolate and has a lingering sweetness in it. While I couldn’t pull the cherry out of the smell that would be the obvious source. The taste comes with an extremely light carbonation and an unexpected bitterness to it. This is not your Cadbury chocolate beer by any means. Taking on the role of your 70% chocolate a bitterness is combined with a faint sweetness of cherry. reminiscent of a certain holiday chocolate variety the beer is actually quite pleasant. I would prefer a higher carbonation personally but given the obscurity of cherry this is not half bad.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 650ml bottles
Price – $5.50 (Brewery)

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