Yellow Dog Brewing – Alpha Dog Fresh Hop Pale 2018


Yellow Dog Brewing – Alpha Dog Fresh Hop Pale 2018 Review

The Alpha Dog Fresh Hop pale ale was first released in 2015. The Yellow Dog team went down that year to the Yakima Valley hop farms in Washington State to collect Citra fresh hops for this ale, which, by its name provides  aroma and flavourful citrusy (oranges and grapefruit primarily) qualities. The collection of Citra hops has continued every year since.

It is a very limited release and quickly sells out.This year it won First Place at the BC Beer Awards for the “Best Fresh Hop beer”!




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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Copper
  • Head Size & Retention: Normal head + retention
  • Clarity: Slight Haze
  • Balance: Very Hoppy
  • Drinkability: While this beer is extremely crushable, it should be consumed at a slower pace to truly appreciate all that the hops have to offer.
  • Enjoyment: A perfect blend of grapefruit pith bitterness and juiciness
  • Malt Characteristics: Light
  • Hop Characteristics: Citrusy, Grapefruit
  • Palate: medium bodied, medium carbonation


Winner of the 2018 BC Beer Award winner for BEST Fresh hop beer, and very well deserved.

This ale has the perfect balance of grapefruit aroma, flavour and a hint of bitterness that make this fresh hop ale thirst quenching and wanting  for more.


  • A great pale ale that drinks like an IPA!
  • Hop heads will love all the multi dimensional flavours the hops  provide.


  • A limited release and usually sells out within the first week

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