VI Brewing – Faller Northwest Pale Ale


VI Brewing – Faller Northwest Pale Ale Review

After two major rebrandings, some retweaking of core beers and a creation of a new line up, Vancouver Island Brewing has gotten themselves back on track and has beers to satify the new and old generation.

While some of the original cores, based on traditional English styles are still around, like the long time favourite Pipers Pale ale, some new additions to the core line up meet the growing interest of American styled ales. This Faller Northwest Pale Ale is just one example.

This ale pours a bright copper colour with an off white & very foamy thick head.It is a medium bodied beer with medium carbonation and the aroma of fresh cut grass with a hint of pine and grapefruit. The clean malt character, lightly biscuity, support the dank, grassy, pine and citrus notes of the hops making for a balanced beer. Although this is a hop forward beer,the crisp, dry and biscuity finish make for a very drinkable and refreshing pale ale.

The Faller is available on its own or as a part of the Harbour tall can mix pack, giving people an opportunity to try three of the new core additionals and a seasonal.


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