Stanley Park Brewing – Layer Up Winter Wheat Ale


Stanley Park Brewing – Layer Up Winter Wheat Ale Review

Most Winter ales are commonly very malt forward with flavour notes of caramel and treacle with little spice (example: Bridge Brewing “Grinch”), or the other extreme with lots of spice( example : Howe Sound “Winter Ale”) and many others that remind us of Christmas pudding or fruitcake.

Stanley Park’s version is a dark American wheat ale,giving this beer a lighter colour than most as well as a light biscuity aftertaste. The inspiration for their ingredients comes from a US Southern treat, an olive oil cake with FROG jam (figs, raspberries, oranges and ginger). This American wheat ale was brewed with these same ingredients with an addition of amarillo for dry hopping making this beer full of “layers” of tastes and flavours!

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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Auburn brown
  • Head Size & Retention: Normal head + retention
  • Carbonation: Mild Carbonation
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Balance: More Malty
  • Drinkability: Definitely Drinkable
  • Enjoyment: I thought it was fine
  • Malt Characteristics: Biscuity/Bready
  • Hop Characteristics: Citrusy
  • Other Flavours/Aroma: Fruit Flavouring: Berries etc, oranges
  • Palate: Crisp/Dry/Clean


A dark American wheat ale brewed with figs, raspberries, oranges and ginger – inspired by a Southern US treat.


-Alternative to heavier malty winter warmers


-Berries & orange flavaouring come across as too artificial

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