Moody Ales – Flamingose


Moody Ales – Flamingose Review

What better time to re-release a thirst quenching light Gose than in the thick of the Winter blues. This was the first ever kettle sour brewed and created at Moody Ales and also the very first release on their own canning line.

This beer pours a clear light golden hue with a white,light head that dissipates quite quickly. The aroma is a bitter citrus, like the pith of grapefuit peels and salt. It is light in carbonation with a blend of tartness and saltiness  with just a hint of light biscuity malt flavour, enough to keep it from being too tart bit just enough it make for an easy drinking & refeshing ale. Brewed with a Kolsch yeast, grapefruit peel , coriander and pink Himalayan seasalt, this beer is a good choice to forget about Winter and anticipate anything warm and tropical.


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