Longwood Brewery- Quinceotica


Longwood Brewery- Quinceotica Review

The mix of fermented malts and cider is probably not a recent invention, but the name for it is. The name “Graff” is so new it was supposedly the product of a homebrewing forum and is inspired by the apple beer drink “Graf” in Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels. Longwood Brewery’s Graff utilizies locally sourced Quince instead of apple to very good effect in their harvest lager Quinceotica. Don’t feel you have to be a Stephen King fan to enjoy one of these.

This drink is almost clear yellow with a tight bubbled white head that somewhat lingers. It has a pleasant nose that is equally cider and pome fruit juice. Quinceotica has a fuller body than you would expect with a likable acidity and dryness. It has good carbonation, as can be seen in the picture. There is a slight bit of off-dry cider sweetness mid palate with some notes of grain and lagered pale malts. Finishes long and dry with quince/fruit acidity firmly dominate.

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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Yellow
  • Head Size & Retention: Some head, minimal retention
  • Carbonation: Well Carbonated
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Balance: Balanced Malt/Hop
  • Drinkability: Easy Drinking
  • Enjoyment: I would definitely seek this beer out again
  • Malt Characteristics: Light
  • Hop Characteristics: Fruity
  • Other Flavours/Aroma: Apple, Pear, Stone Fruit: Apricot, Peach etc
  • Palate: Crisp/Dry/Clean, Astringent or Puckering (Tannins), Acidic


This Graff will be a revelation to cider loving beer drinkers. The best of both worlds but also something truly unique.


Quince are locally sourced.

Tastes like a well made cider with just a little bit of something special going on.


Definitely more of a cider taste profile than a beer.

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