Hypha Project : Hopsquatch NW IPA


Hypha Project : Hopsquatch NW IPA Review

The Hypha Project appears to be three former homebrewing friends who, after some time doing their own things, got back together to brew some more beer but this time commercially. Hypha Project, as of this release, is brewing out of the Slow Hand space and is only doing limited releases by can at this time. One of those releases is a Northwest IPA using Sasquatch hops, Canada’s first proprietary, trademarked hop, and that IPA classic, Cascade.

The aptly named Hopsquatch pours orange with a slight cloudiness and an off-white head. It has a medium intensity aroma of peach and marmalade. It is light-bodied with a soft creamy mouthfeel, not usually found in an IPA, but also dry on the palate. There is a good amount of citrus hoppiness in the flavour without being abrasive.  There is also a small amount of pale malts to balance. The bitterness is definitely on the low side. The finish is mild and easy-going.

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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Orangey
  • Head Size & Retention: Normal head + retention
  • Carbonation: Well Carbonated
  • Clarity: Slight Haze
  • Balance: More Hoppy
  • Drinkability: Extremely Crushable
  • Enjoyment: I would recommend this beer to a friend
  • Malt Characteristics: Light
  • Hop Characteristics: Citrusy, Grapefruit
  • Palate: Creamy, Soft or Silky, Crisp/Dry/Clean


Grab a Hypha Project when you can as these beers are limited can releases. Hopquatch, using Sasquatch and Cascade hops, is citrus forward with a great creamy texture and very little bitterness.

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