Gibsons Tapworks Inc.- Goggle Fog Hazy Pale Ale


Gibsons Tapworks Inc.- Goggle Fog Hazy Pale Ale Review

Looking for the perfect little squeeze to take up the mountain? Might you consider Tapworks Goggle Fog? This beer has solid quaffability with the perfect amount of character to keep you interested all the way to the top. This Goggle Fog will have you wishing the chair lift was a few minutes longer.

This Beer is dark golden with not as much turbidity as some hazies. Don’t forget to do the hazy swirl after decanting some of the can. It has a billowing, tight bubbled off-white head. The hop profile of Cascade, Mosaic, and Simcoe makes for a nice combo that harkens back to the more piney and dank hop days without the huge tropical fruitiness typical of most hazies. It is light-bodied with a little bitterness on the back of the palate. The flavour is pleasantly West Coast piney hoppiness with some pineapple and mango notes provided by the Mosaic hops. The malts are subdued and in the background. This beer finishes well with a light bitterness.

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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Orangey
  • Head Size & Retention: Above average head/retention
  • Carbonation: Well Carbonated
  • Clarity: Hazy
  • Balance: More Hoppy
  • Drinkability: Extremely Crushable
  • Enjoyment: I would recommend this beer to a friend
  • Malt Characteristics: Juicy Malt
  • Hop Characteristics: Citrusy, Piney or Woody
  • Palate: Juicy


High drinkability, solid character and a hop profile that invokes piney hops rather than just tropical fruit make Gibsons Tapworks Google Fog the perfect chair lift beer.

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