Beach Fire Brewing Co.- Ember Red Ale


Beach Fire Brewing Co.- Ember Red Ale Review

Did you know that Campbell River is the only place on Vancouver Island where beach fires are permitted? It seems appropriate then that the local brewery, opened since 2016, be named Beach Fire. Equally appropriate is to name their red ale Ember and to have a beach fire front and centre on the can. The owners are Darrin Finnerty and Laura Gosnell with Darrin handling most of the brewing on the 12 hectolitre system.

Ember is brewed in the Scottish ale style thus compelling the use of a Scottish thistle glass. It pours a lovely red with moderate off white head. On the nose there is appetizing toasted malts with mild caramel. There is also aroma hints of chocolate, cookie and light pome fruitiness. Ember has medium/medium-low carbonation and body, both appropriate to the style. Ember tastes toasty and bready with mild caramel undertones. There is little hop presence beyond a little bit of earthy East Kent Goldings peaking through. It finishes with a grainy and toasty dryness with a smattering of butterscotch and residual malt sugar.


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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Red
  • Head Size & Retention: Normal head + retention
  • Carbonation: Mild Carbonation
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Balance: More Malty
  • Drinkability: Easy Drinking
  • Enjoyment: I would recommend this beer to a friend
  • Malt Characteristics: Biscuity/Bready, Caramel, Toasty/Roasty
  • Hop Characteristics: Earthy
  • Palate: Crisp/Dry/Clean


Ember Red Ale is a clean Scottish ale that is malt forward without any cloying sweetness that sometimes accompanies the style.


A strong and solid interpretation of a malt focused style.

No cloying sweetness.



Limited distribution.

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