BC Ale Trail’s Explore BC IPA Collab


BC Ale Trail’s Explore BC IPA Collab Review

Every year over the last 5 years, the BC Craft Brewers Guild has teamed up with one of its brewery members to create an original release to celebrate BC Craft Beer Month in October. It started with Red Truck in 2015 and has evolved over the years. This year marks not only the tenth anniversary of BC Craft Beer Month but also the fifth anniversary of the BC Ale Trail, so a special beer was in the works… and then COVID struck!

With the focus on staying close to home and exploring within your own city or province, Destination BC joined up and worked with the BC Ale Trail to create a unique experience in a beer. Six breweries were chosen from around the province ( Vancouver Island Brewing, Wheelhouse Brewing, Fernie Brewing, Bomber Brewing, FieldHouse Brewing, Red Collar Brewing) and together they came up with and brewed up a 100% all BC beer with hops from Bredenhof Farms, malt from Gambrinus Malting and haskap and local blackberries from the interior and Fraser valley.  Together these ingredients became the Explore BC IPA, a West Coast-style IPA, an iconic beer to represent our province.

This beer pours a rich warm red colour, clear with light carbonation. The aroma starts off with pine and some bitter resin, but with another swirl and sniff, there is a whiff of berry. HINT: Let this beer warm up a bit to truly appreciate the haskap and blackberries – it will be worth it! The taste is a blend of citrus, resin, and berries and it may seem strange but it works! The end result is crisp with a dry finish and very refreshing, truly a west coast experience in an IPA.

For More information: https://bcaletrail.ca/explore-bc-ipa!


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    Overall Enjoyment

About This Beverage

  • Colour: Red
  • Head Size & Retention: Normal head + retention
  • Carbonation: Mild Carbonation
  • Clarity: Clear
  • Balance: More Hoppy
  • Drinkability: Easy Drinking
  • Enjoyment: Sadly only a time time brew :-(
  • Malt Characteristics: Light
  • Hop Characteristics: Citrusy, Piney or Woody
  • Other Flavours/Aroma: Fruit Flavouring: Berries etc
  • Palate: medium bodied


This limited edition West Coast IPA is a true representation of the province of BC that pairs perfectly with BC’s natural beauty.

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