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Yukon Brewery Celebrates 20 Years With 12 Seasonal Brews

Yukon Brewing Celebrates 20 Years with Monthly Release Limited Edition Brews

Yukon 20 years WHITEHORSE,  YUKON  (January  16,  2017)  -­  To  mark  their  20th  anniversary  which  coincides  with   Canada’s  150th,  Yukon  Brewing  will  be  releasing  a  “20th  Anniversary  -­  Canada  150  Series”  of  Limited   Edition  brews.

“I  feel  proud  to  have  been  making  craft  beer  in  the  Yukon  for  twenty  years,”  says  Bob  Baxter,   co-­founder  and  president  of  Yukon  Brewing,  “but,  I  feel  more  proud  to  have  been  able  to  create   employment  for  our  staff,  many  who  have  been  with  us  for  over  a  decade  –  staff  who  are  now  buying   homes  and  raising  families  here  in  the  Yukon.”

Commencing  January  2017,  there  will  be  a  different  Limited  Edition  650  mL  bomber  released  each   month.  Six  forgotten  favourites  and  six  brand  new  brews.

Co-­founder  and  brewer,  Alan  Hansen,  talks  about  the  series:  “Over  the  years  we’ve  built  and  filled  our   brewery  and  its  infrastructure,  added  to  it  and  filled  it  up  again,  several  times  now.  In  that  time  we’ve   also  built  and  added  to  the  wide  variety  of  beers  we  have  brewed.  To  celebrate  twenty  years  of   development,  we’re  reaching  into  our  vault  and  pulling  out  popular  recipes  from  years  ago,  along  with   those  just  freshly  designed.    Whether  old  favourites  or  new  flavours  of  tomorrow,  it  really  has  been  beer   worth  freezin’  for.”

From  January  to  December  2017,  Yukon  Brewing  will  release  one  special  release  beer  per  month  as   part  of  its  20th  anniversary  celebrations  (#YukonBeer20).  The  commemorative  brews  will  be  available   in  Western  Canada  in  limited  supply,  specifically  in  the  Yukon,  British  Columbia,  Alberta  and  Manitoba.

Yukon BreweryThe first beer to be release in the 20th Anniversary Series is the Charming or Tedious Maple Wee Heavy Ale.

  • 7.1% strong beer
  • made with pure canadian maple syrup
  • malt forward, creamy on the tongue, the maple syrup adds a nice sweet balance to the smokey peat finish
  • “charming or tedious” maple wee heavy


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