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Wheating your Expectations – Three Summer Beers from Phillips

Indulge Your Wheat Tooth
Re-introducing 3 Phillips’ summer staples, all brewed with wheat
May 13th – The beaches are slammed, faces are tanned, and cold beers pair up with warm hands.  Yes, summer is back, and for us it’s the perfect excuse to indulge our wheat tooth.

The Electric Unicorn White IPA is racing back to your local liquor store; the Raspberry Wheat Ale, one of our original beers, is making its annual appearance; and the Wheatking Hefeweizen, brewed traditionally hazy, pairs perfect with summertime lazy.

On Thursday May 16th from 4pm-6pm, we’ll be hosting a very special tasting of all three at the brewery, so come on down and celebrate summer with us.

Here’s a little breakdown of each brew:


Electric_Unicorn05aa1bElectric Unicorn White IPA – 6.5% – 650mL

We had so much fun debuting this laser beast last August, we couldn’t wait the full year to let it ride again.  Brewed with a generous portion of wheat, hops of the West combine with coriander and a mystical yeast inspired from the East–from Belgium to be specific–to produce a  taste that’s well balanced and features plenty of Belgian-fruit character.  Ditch reality and take this India pale fairy tale for a ride.

If you want your story to end hoppily-ever-after, be sure to grab your Electric Unicorn IPA quick because it’s only available for a limited time at finer craft beer stores.


Raspberry_201201e433Raspberry Wheat Ale – 5% – 650mL

There’s a big berry stain marked on our calendar as the Raspberry Wheat Ale hits the shelves once again.  It’s one of our original releases that, for us, is as synonymous to summer as sunshine.  Brewed as dry, crisp wheat ale, fresh raspberry puree is added at the end of fermentation allowing fruit sweetness to permeate the beer without overpowering the delicate wheat characteristics.

This summer staple pours a deep red colour with a bubblegum pink head, and is available in 650mL bottles from your favourite craft-focused liquor store.


Wheatking_box9a6aa5Wheatking Hefeweizen – 5% – 341mL

Rounding out the wheat trio is the Wheatking Hefeweizen. Brewed with our signature weizen yeast, Wheatking is unfiltered and pours a cloudy golden straw colour with a pillow white head. So put a pillow under your head, find a hammock somewhere and pair a little hazy with a little lazy.

Conveniently available in 6 pack 341mL bottles, it’s a perfect pairing for your summer session.

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