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UPDATE: New Beer Release for Strange Fellows Brewing – Habitude, Foudre Aged Wild Ale

*** UPDATE ***
We posted today Habitude would be releasing tomorrow, however, it will not be out till next week Friday, August 28th. Sorry for the change!

Style: Foudre aged wild ale
Aroma: Sweet and fruity, marzipan, subtle cherry and oak
Character: Sour rich and complex
Colour: Copper
Pairing: Creamy and strong cheeses, shellfish in cream sauces, moules and frites.
ABV: 7.00%

The second release in a series of 3 sour beers from our oak Foudre, Habitude is a richly flavourful and balanced tart beer aged over a year in our 6000L oak foudre and subsequently 6 months in French oak wine barrels. Despite the absence of any berry or fruit it has a subtle cherry like flavour and rich fruitiness. Softly sweet up front it evaporates on the pallet with a delicate alcoholic heat that yields to a tart finish.

Note that all three beers in this series are named beginning with an ‘H’ and feature birds: Hedgerow, Habitude and Horace releasing at the end of September.

A long time ago it was common belief that Dryads inhabited Oak trees. Generally benevolent, these spirits were often summoned for protection with a knock upon the tree. If tempting fate, one also knocked on wood to scare off any spiteful spirits who might bring an unlucky outcome. Foudre-aged for over a year plus 6 months in French red wine barrels, this richly flavourful and balanced tart beer is infused with plenty of oaken spirit should you need a little luck on your side.

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